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Date:   3/11/2014 6:02:45 PM ( 8 y ago)
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I'm a "REAL" Southerner - born and raised. I'm not a Christian, and what bothers me is those people who are pushing the agenda that if you are not a Christian conservative, you cannot call yourself a southerner, which is total bullshit.

Have you ever heard of The Southern Strategy? Look it up. Before 1964, all the red states were deep blue. The Republican party played on racism and "southern pride" to turn them red. It IS political, and they are STILL doing it. They are distracting you with hot button items like abortion and other crap while the very people you vote for are helping corporations steal your jobs and your futures. It breaks my heart that so many good people are so brainwashed by Faux news that they can't see what the truth is. All those corporations that are shipping your jobs overseas and bringing in foreigners to steal the rest -- all HUGE supporters of the Republican party. Koch industries has outsourced more jobs that ANY OTHER CORPORATION in the country, yet conservative Christians consider them Gods.

There is no war on Christianity, and this was never intended to be a Christian nation, in fact all those "founding fathers" Sarah Palin & Co. are so fond of referring to were mostly agnostics or atheists. There IS, however, a war Christians have waged against the rest of us, which pisses me off, because I am a damned good person. I live by the Golden Rule, and a whole lot of your commandments, and just don't like being judged like that.

It says in the Bible that God does not want us to judge each other, to leave it to him. So please tell me WHY all of a sudden, Christians seem to judge everybody?

I grew up in the South, and it was not like it is now. There was not all this hatred and violent speech. It makes me very, very sad.

A higher-up person in the Republican party said that what Democrats don't understand is that the Southern Republicans hate Obama so much, they hate him more than they love their country, and they would destroy the country to get rid of him. Again, that just makes me very, very sad. I have no place in my heart for racism or hatred. I just want to help and love all people. Is that wrong?

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