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Date:   9/5/2014 3:22:05 PM ( 10 y ago)
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Wanted to reply to your chronic back pain and German New Medicine. I too have had these problems. Please, pick up the book, Pain Free by Pete Egoscue. You will find relief. Additionally for the whole body connection looking from the German New Medicine connection, the back pains are from self-devaluation conflicts. Its all in the German New Medicine Scientific Charts. All muscular skeletal issues are self-devaluation conflicts. Often they are in a hanging healing situation and recur or seemingly become chronic. I had to learn these things myself. When facing the self-devaluation we must recognize that this is an imbalance in our psyche(soul). We have confused who we are with what we do(or don't do or can't do.) We can liberate ourselves by looking into our soul and correcting the imbalance there. Then follow the Pete Egoscue E-cises from his book. Muscular skeletal issues are only functional losses. The body, with the help of the soul/mind can have it's function restored without surgeries or living in constant pain.
I will pray for you.

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