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Date:   10/15/2016 2:07:25 AM ( 5 y ago)
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The cancer Dogma is wrong. A more complete theory is that cancer is a
by product to virus infection. The year to remember is 1954. The French Health
Committee was about to declare that cancer is a viral disease. Indeed if one listens to Professor Zajicek on you-tube, one can educate himself and understand the nature and causes of this disease. I encourage who ever wants to learn about cancer to take
the time and watch those presentations. One of the ideas is that a carcinogen causes the depletion of stem cells. At the very beginning this is compensated by a minor tumor and patient despite some fatigue feels healthy. With time the deficiency may grow and so does the tumor. Tumor is a new organ, fully controlled and fully nourished by the organism. It is assumed that stem cells also secrete a vital substance to sustain tissue and prevent Cachexia. One may consider tumor as a factory to produce the missing proteins due to stem cells loss. This factory, so to speak, is not as efficient as the original depleted stem cells and quality is traded for quantity.
For more info on that, how to cure and treat, what kind of therapies are
dangerous and should be avoided, you may want to see those presentations on
you-tube. Search for Professor Gershom Zajicek.

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