Re: A Toast with Frey Wine by Chef JeM .....

Date:   10/11/2017 9:39:05 AM ( 5 y ago)
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Thank you Leslie!

Thank you to the whole House of Frey!
I have the all the very best memories of my visits there for quarterly BD meetings. In addition there was a special presentation by Andrew Lorand that impressed me with a parallel to Steiner's "Knowledge of The Higher Worlds".

I remember the most excellent food prepared by chef Katrina!

I remember the deep sense of connection in the home with the land there.

I remember big hearts!

Fire can not extinguish these memories and I don't believe fire can extinguish the love of feeding people, the connection with the earth and all. The "phoenix" will rise!

In Gratitude,
~ Chef Jemichel


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