Contaminated soy and canola by Liora Leah .....

Date:   6/18/2005 10:34:10 PM ( 16 y ago)
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I stopped eating products with soy and canola in them for this very reason. GMO'd cannola has found its way into the wild grasses of the prairie as well as the food crop. The status of corn in the United States is also suspect--do we have uncontaminated corn crops left in the U.S? Can organic corn farmers still call it "organic"? There was an incident not too long ago about GMO'd corn-grown for cows, not humans (as if this makes it any better), as a food stock, got into processed tortillas for human consumption--the stuff had to be withdrawn from the market.

One great victory for anti-GMO forces: Monsanto wanted to introduce a GMO'd wheat; the food giants who sell processed wheat products--cereals, crackers, etc, in the U.S. said they would not purchase the GMO'd wheat because they feared the public would no longer buy their products. Monsanto shelved the GMO'd wheat!!!

Also, GMO'd foods are banned by the European Union. Way to go, Europe! They will not import our soy, corn, or canola crops because of the contamination from GMO's.

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