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Date:   7/4/2005 8:35:26 PM ( 16 y ago)
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You wrote:

"In 31 days I have a major event,
the arrival of 60 Sustainable Living Innovators
coming here to San Diego.

They are content rich innovators in every
area of Design by nature. They are Sacred Earth Keepers,
and masters of energy flows from various traditions."

Spirit says:

"Growing 'spiritual wings' is a metaphor for growing one's power, wisdom, and knowing, as the wings of a hawk or eagle...these great, beautiful birds of prey reflect the ways of the Native American indigenous peoples, those close to the Heart of the Mother Earth, who understand and keep Her ways...ah, but these peoples are too few to sustain the Old Ways by themselves...the "White" man/woman will join in the Tribe of the Keepers of the Earth knowledge, as will those of other races--Black/Brown, White/Yellow--it does not matter as all are 'Children of God' and beautiful in Our/Creator's eyes, the 'Rainbow' Children/Tribe."

Welcome to the Tribe, Leslie!
Love, Liora Leah

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