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Date:   8/27/2005 12:48:40 PM ( 16 y ago)
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I noticed them in the movie "Sideways", as they were driving up the 405, near Sunset Blvd. Looked up at the sky, and sure enough, chemtrails.

I went through a similar anxiety stage when I initially lost my naivete and learned about chemtrails, and the rest of all that... Eventually, I got over it, and so will you, if you can learn to detach from it.

Detachment is not the same as not-caring. Anyone who has studied some buddhism can explain that to you much more clearer than I can in my few words here. For me, what's help me the most is the realization of Spirit and identification to my Soul.

What this means is that instead of seeing the world as nothing more than pure physical materiality, I now see it as a manifestation of Spirit, specifically for me to learn my lessons for Soul growth. Seeing myself as Soul and identifying with my Higher Self, I am able to "get over it", whereas when I am ego-bound, I cannot stop worrying about everything I have no control of.

I trust in the Universal Intelligence that IS Reality, and that no matter how unlikely it may seem, or how much I wish they were different, that everything really is as it should be at any given moment.

What that also means is that once we accept the moment as it is, then we can have a clearer vision of the future as we desire it to be. Here's the steps:

1. Accept Now as it is - (the hardest part of the process is always the first step)
2. Align your desires with the Will of God (some people call it Universal Intelligence, Divine Will, etc... whatever floats your boat is good. :-)
3. Release your intentions and sign it with your unique signature of the Love that you are.
4. Detach from the outcome.
5. Look for synchronicities to happen. When you get really good at steps 1-4, you'll consciously create the synchronicities! Isn't that exciting.
6. Smile and share the Love.

If you are successful in the above, you will automatically find yourself moving in the direction of your higher desires, your Soul's purpose for your currect incarnation. You'll begin to enjoy life more and more, until you're bursting full of Love that you just have to share it with everyone who's open to hearing it. (Warning: unless you can easily ward off negative vibes from other people, do not share with them your newfound success. They will only try to bring you back down to their level. Be on guard. Listen to your instinct and use wise discernment. That's a survival skill I had to learn first hand!)

May you have be blessed and success come your way in all things you endeavor with all of your heart!




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