Cacao at WF, Yes. And Goji Berries too! by oztin .....

Date:   9/4/2005 2:25:35 PM ( 16 y ago)
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You should be able to. I went to Whole Foods locally (not S.D.) and there were literally hundreds of 8oz bags of Nature's First Law cacao.

I hadn't been to WF in a couple of months, and what I saw really opened my eyes on the market demand for cacao... I have a friend that works at WF and he said that it's just moving faster than they can bring it in.

While you're there, you might want to consider getting some goji berries too, either in the bulk section $24.95/lb, or 8oz bags for ??? I forgot.

I bought =~ 2.2 lbs of gojis yesterday, and it was $60.38! It was the only item I purchased that day. The cashier looked at me and wondered if she made a mistake. We had a short conversation on what goji's are, their benefits, etc... and she was so totally excited about it. The person behind me in line, a man in his late 50's joined in and wanted to know more about it too. I opened my bag of gojis and gave him some to sample. Both the cashier and he totally caught on to my enthusiasm (goji berries make you happy!!!), and were both profusely thanking me for taking the time to share with them that information.

To me, I love the Good Karma. What comes around goes around. :-)


p.s. eg, where in SD are you located? I'd like to visit SD and LALA Land sometime b4 the end of the year.


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