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Date:   9/21/2005 4:14:50 PM ( 16 y ago)
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Papillon (2:48:10 PM): What if this is part of His plan?
Ryu (2:48:12 PM): you can't just say "this" I don't know what your refering to
Papillon (2:48:17 PM): mmn..
Papillon (2:48:31 PM): The influx of technology
Ryu (2:48:36 PM): it's not
Ryu (2:48:45 PM): it's the detour we've taken around it.

How does Ryu know what His Plan is, that Ryu can say what is not part of the Plan?  That "we've ruined God's master plan".

According to Ryu, humanity's current situation is not part of "Plan A", God's Master Plan.  Instead, it's a detour...  kinda like Plan B.  

Can humans actually "ruin" God's Plan?

But even so....  isn't Plan B part of God's Master PLAN? 

Plan It ~Oz~



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