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Date:   9/21/2005 10:25:20 PM ( 16 y ago)
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I know what you mean about talking to someone with a different point of view. It's good, but beware. If your energy is low and your faith is questionable, they will lead you down the rosy garden...

IOW, while you're taking your first "conscious" steps on your spiritual journey, you're still on shakey grounds, so to speak. At this stage, it's easy to allow a person with lower vibration to bring you down. So you have to associate more with those who are supportive of your intentions, endeavors and goals. You'll have plenty of "mis-steps" and when you stumble, and a negative lower vibration person will pounce at you and say "A-ha! See! How spiritual are you now?"

But a true friend without ulterior motive who is interested only in your success will extend a hand every time you fall, and will even carry you along the way when you can no longer walk on your own.

So be mindful of the company you keep, for they will either keep you down, or lift you up where Angels soar.

You're so cool! Choose wisely.


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