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Date:   10/20/2005 11:38:23 PM ( 16 y ago)
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Hello Pila,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. 

I too have come to believe that laying in sea water for hours is a very effective method of cleansing.  I haven't had the opportunity to do it yet though, so it's still a belief, not an experiential based knowing.

I've often thought that Jesus probably did this type of cleansing...  but probably in the most potent place on Earth to do this cleanse, the Dead Sea.  Because of the higher concentration of minerals in the Dead Sea, the treatment is probably much much more powerful and doesn't need to be as extended.  

You mentioned that you've studied the Essene Gospel, Book One.  In the Essene Gospel, Jesus talks about the Angel of Light and Angel of Water.  I believe the Angel of Light comes through direct Sungazing, and the Angel of Water comes through Uropathy.  Not everyone is near an ocean, so not everyone can enjoy the benefits of this treatment.  However, the Holy Waters flows from everyone's belly and is available to all willing to partake.

"My only disappointment is I know I will have a long life now and will have to wait longer until I am united with my Creator"

You can be with the Almighty Creator at every moment, at every plane of existence, even in the lowliest of materiality that is this 3-dimensional matrix called physical reality.  Meditation is the interdimensional gateway to the Cosmos and beyond.


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