Re: have 100 to loose as well by kjeanm .....

Date:   11/29/2005 4:16:27 PM ( 18 y ago)
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I may not have 100 pounds to lose but trying to lose this weight is a struggle for me and I hope you don't think that me trying to lose 40lbs. compared to your 100 makes it any easier. In fact I broke and ate something today because of my awful temptation to food. I don't consider you looking at my blog for support a butt-in..I'm flattered. I do hope you succeed and I'm going to keep trying despite my failure for today. Good luck to you and congratulations to you for taking a step in losing weight. It takes courage and strength to finally stand up and say you've had enough. Too many people in our country don't have that kind of strength and it should be good to know that you do. Good luck and don't give up no matter how hard it gets!

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