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Date:   1/27/2006 1:53:29 AM ( 15 y ago)
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"The cleaners is out of business as of today...
so I found another one nearby."

If you're referring to dry-cleaning, I hope you're going to a cleaners that uses less-toxic cleaning agents, i.e. do not use the toxic air contaminant perchloroethylene, AKA "Perc": http://dwb.unl.edu/Teacher/NSF/C01/C01Links/www.ecomall.com/greenshopping/dry...

Listing of dry cleaners in Southern California who do not use perchloroethylene: http://www.aqmd.gov/prdas/green_cleaners.html

Unfortunately, I didn't see any on the list in your city; I'm sure in a city of that size, there are several less-toxic cleaners, just not on this particular list. You may want to ask the cleaners if they DO NOT USE PERC, AND WHAT IT IS THEY DO USE, BEFORE PATRONIZING THEM. If they are using one of the less-toxic cleaners, give 'em the Liora Leah stamp of approval, and ask that they submit their name to the website above.

Thanks for going Green!
Liora Leah

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