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Date:   2/12/2006 12:00:21 PM ( 15 y ago)
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Hi Susan,

I'm so happy you decided to juice fast, and especially glad you decided to blog. I'm on day 12, it's been a long time for me doing 30 days and the first time using juice (I did water before). But I'm glad I made this decision (blogging & fasting).

Laziness, discipline and food addiction (Umm) sounds like just about all of us (smile) don't feel alone. I love to eat and my husband more. We don't use coffee products well over 17 yrs, I use to be a Pepsi-holic. I also use to suffer with migraines and cluster headache, God healed me Susan, but He helps us heal most of the time through natural means (yes, I'm a FIRM believer in miracles). caffeine is a headaches worst enemy. Use the coffee another enemas. I use to have to get SHOTS for my headache and I have a HIGH tolerance for pain (which is dangerous). Just try it, and slowly decrease the coffee intake. Oh, by the way coffee increases your appetite!!!

Susan, don't feel bad about your vices, everybody's got "thorns" but Gods grace is there for deliverance.

But God

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