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Date:   3/1/2006 12:50:05 AM ( 15 y ago)
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So here is a reading I found
in my book "Confessions of an Essene Visionary."

Oh Lord who am I that they should believe me?

Oh my Sacred Child, go and make a home
for yourself.

Go and repeat my vision for a New Earth.

Go in your innocence.

Go and repeat my Word.
There are Sacred books on my Sacred traditions
to remember; yet the most Sacred scrolls are
encoded within you.

I offer you Silence that you may reveal these scrolls.
I offer you Patience thorugh learning to be Patient
with yourself.

I offer you Love through harmonics of Love I give you
that you become a fully alive human being.

There is no Death.
Donot fear Death.
Welcome Life.

I have written the Holy Bible for you.
The final chapter is your story.
to be written in the moment.

Go and Live for your Joy a new chapter
in the history of Peace on Earth.

Go and recieve a New Adam
and New Eve inside you and be
the New Genesis of a new Enchanted Garden.

144,000 of your brothers and sisters
and 144,000 x 144,000 are my multitudes.

Go and make known new meaning
for the Chirst Body on Earth,
that all may redeem thy Planet
in different Holy Ways.

Go make me a Holy Temple inside yourself
that others may know the Gift of Healing.

Go and make of risen dust, the Fertility
that grows Holy People.


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