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Date:   3/12/2006 7:42:07 PM ( 16 y ago)
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Dear Tony,
I am not from the USA and did not have the use of a computer until recently.
I have found your blog only today, about 10 days after joining in the CureZone.

I have been as well as my husband, a candida sufferer for about 13 years.
All that you describe as working for you worked for us to. We also resorted to growing our own probiotics from pills we were buying, then our own kefir with vastly improved results.
But the problem was, even though we improved trremendously, we were not really cured.

I thought we must have been reinfecting ourselves regularly.

Apart from this problem, we realized we had grown exceedingly sensitive to MSG and Aspartame. My husband would lose handfuls of hair if we ate in a Chinese restaurant!
We were desperate, because as time went past there seemed to be more and more MSG everywhere!

We had decided to go to another country to have an MSG test devised at the end of 2006.

To cut a story short, by luck we devised it ourselves.
Eight months after really eliminating ALL MSG and ASPARTAME from our diet and also from shampoo etc, there wasn't even the memory of candida symptoms!

I do not have too much time, because I am trying to contact as many people as I can.
You can see more details by looking at my posts on the Candida forum

Also a new MSG Forum has been opened on CureZone where I have posted.

There is no money involved in this.
I hope this helps. I am really sorry I didn't read all your good advice before and had to find it all out by myself!
All my best wishes,


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