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Date:   4/12/2006 12:06:27 AM ( 16 y ago)
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i cured mine with magnets, colloidal silver and h2o2, and i still smoke. not only were my extremities blue but my left arm was going numb and i was cold in any temperature, even a hot bath. my blood pressure was high above the normal range and i had spider veins and liver spots. my breathing capacity was down to about 50%. none of this exists any more. my extremities are pink. no more pain in my arm or going numb or out of breath. no more blue fingers and toes. and eventually no more being cold. i smoke organic american spirit brand tobacco.

of course i have made a lot of other improvements in my lifestyle, but these things made a drastic turnaround possible. i now believe the only damage that cant be repaired is that which doctors do, or major accidents. and even then there is hope.

as far as smoking goes, it is never a good idea to start. i would never go so far as to recommend someone smoke, but i would never smoke modern commercial cigs again. they will kill you.

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