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Date:   4/27/2006 11:30:39 AM ( 16 y ago)
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Here is the Yahoo UT site:

As far as my smells? I was one of the unlucky people who had both fecal and garbage odor at the same time. Most cooked foods made me smell like poop and everything else made me smell like a garbage dump--even raw fruits and veggies.

I cleared out lines at the cash register. People would be standing there and all the sudden they would look stunned and then they would suddenly turn to glare at me. It was pretty obvious "who" stunk. I've heard people say things like, "Gain way!", "Who farted?", "It's okay as long as you hold your breath", "Something stinks. OMG, it's her. I'm not getting any closer", "Oh it's her that smells", etc.. I was tormented. I work in an office of cubicles lined up and faced what I call a "gauntlet of sniffs" just walking down the isle. Even when I didn't hear nasty comments, people would make nasty physical jestures, like holding their nose and fanning as they stood to talk to me. I would come near and would hear, "Oh no!" because they knew I was coming by my smell, even though they were in a cubicle and couldn't see me. It's been tough.

I've been on UT for 40 days. Now I can walk by people without getting their attention. It's only when I get really nervous that I start breaking out in a major sweat and then I can tell I start to smell, but nowhere near like how much I did before. My bad breath is a lot better now....Sometimes there is no bad breath at all and sometimes there is. I also keep catching a cold from my son and it's hard for the body to heal while the immune system is compromised with colds. Nonetheless, I'm still seeing improvements and hope to see more.


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