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Date:   5/1/2006 10:12:47 PM ( 16 y ago)
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I can only imagine. 

I never had a bridal shower for any of the three marriages I've had.  No biggy though.  None of them warranted a shower except for the last and current one, 18 years this year... Snuzin (CZ handle) and Dazzle, Gawd!  LOL

I think I mentioned I am planning a Mommy Shower for my daughter.  Usually it's a Baby Shower, but we wanted to do something different and frankly I hope it catches on because new mothers need so much positive, loving attention and they're usually overlooked.  This baby will lack for nothing, but I wanted to put the spotlight on my daughter who, after all, will be bringing that Little Wonder into the world.

Showers, whether bridal, baby or mommy are excellent ways to show appreciation, joy, and love.  Use the cash you received and the  gifts as you see fit with no regret, fear or worry.  Remember like attracts like, so go forth in joy and beauty and you will attract the same.

~ Dazzle


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