Re: Whole Foods is the Wal Mart of Health Food STores by Liora Leah .....

Date:   5/7/2006 11:36:21 PM ( 15 y ago)
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Wild Oats Market is worse, in terms of cost,& importing food from Mexico and Central America that is out-of-season here (so much for locally grown produce!) and has a lot of "commercial" i.e. pesticide/herbicide/infused non-organic produce out along side the organic! Very overpriced. They also charge according to the area--high-end area, the food costs are higher, say in San Marino California (enclave of the rich, near Pasadena)vs. Long Beach store, where prices are a tad less.

Locally grown foods at farmer's markets are the best, by far, in terms of getting money directly into the hands of the growers, freshness of produce, less expensive foods, less use of petroleum (gasoline and subsequent air pollution) as food is not driven or shipped hundreds of miles to market.

I commend Leslie for trying to introduce locally grown foods into this mega-health food store, and educate both the market's workers and shoppers that locally grown is best!


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