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Date:   5/11/2006 7:54:28 AM ( 16 y ago)
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As for the Urine Therapy forum, you can e-mail me and I will forward you as much information as I can that will lead you to what you want so you don't have to search.

It took about two weeks for my food allergies to start going away and for the odor to begin to diminish. From then on, it gets better every day. It's a slow process, but for as long as I've been doing it so far, it seems to be improving consitently.
I also do the salt water cure(Quinton Plasma), I've done many colonics and such over time that has probably contributed to my health improving so fast with UT. My body was already cleaned out, especially my colon and liver. So I those cleanses made the job easy for the UT by moving those bad health obsticles out of the way.

Nonetheless, as you increase your urine intake, you will notice your stool will become slightly soft and sometimes even liquidy. That is because urine is an awesome diarrhetic(sp?). You should notice it between 45 mintues to a few hours after you take UT. This is very good for your colon.

If you are noticing improvements in your skin and feeling more alert and less tired, it is doing everything you should expect it to at this point.

Have you noticed any symptoms of food or chemical sensitivites besides odor? Like Acne, watery itching eyes, etc? Those symptoms going away will mean that the food that is causing you to smell is no longer causing you to smell. Your body odor probably isn't worse. It takes time for UT to turn things around. A speeding train can't stop and immediately turn around and go in the other direction and neither can your health. I think now that you are taking more UT, you will see bigger and bigger improvements. I myself drink 8 oz per day and I have been for...I think since the first week, but I don't remember extactly...It's journaled in my BLOG. = )

I look forward to your e-mail = )


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