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Date:   5/22/2006 12:28:23 PM ( 16 y ago)
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So I'm anti-American because I disagree with your pie-in-the-sky logic? Nice argument technique, did you know you are borrowing a page out of the Nazi handbook? That's what they would do to their opposition, shout them down, label them traitors, regardless of the truthfulness of their arguments.

I happen to love my country and have a brother who is in the military, so please don't tell me I don't support our troops. However, I don't think poisoning them with depleted uranium in a war they simply cannot win is very supportive. I'd rather have our troops out of the toxic quagmire and back home with their families, instead of creating terrorists by the truckload in Iraq.

You are horribly ignorant and mis-informed. Stick to posting about RAW food and educate yourself on DU and the illnesses our troops are coming home suffering from before claiming you Ďsupportí them. Read about how the country you love (and unlike you, I don't question your loyalty, just your wisdom) and how it's totally broke, read about how we are printing funny money 24 hours a day and going deeper and deeper into debt (to countries like China) in order to continue fighting a war which many of the Hawks in the Pentagon are now predicting will go on for a MINIMUM of 50 more years! The country cannot survive even close to that many years of hemorrhaging it's youth, it's finances, and it's global goodwill. Supporting this war, staying the course, is more than just stubborn, more than just foolish, itís suicide.

Here are some stories to get you started. If you really do care about our troops, these stories should outrage you.

BTW - I'm still waiting for a single link to any of your 'good news' stories from Iraq


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