sometimes it best to be thought of as a fool. Then to open ones mouth and erase all doubt by bluepastry .....

Date:   7/21/2006 4:32:14 AM ( 17 y ago)
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to this person
everything is the fault of gw busha nd the jews and of course christians.

yeah, theres no alqaeda...its all a ruse...these people are fools and hate and despise america so much that they will believe a terrorist while hating our troops.

oh of course the world was at peace b4 bush...yes, these islamo facists are a new thing created by maybe bush as a way of improving the ratings of art bell and alex jones.

the people who support the fact that jews/bush conspired 9-11 now use code words to not show how creepy they are. I worked in the world trade center and saw how the bombs of 1993 could not bring down the towers, oh byeah, theyna lso believe a plane did not go into washington dc. Oh and theya lso believe thatisrael is being way to violant in defending its borders, oh and they also believe that Nicholas Berg was not beheaded by al qaeda.

To these Anti Semites, oh excuse me, purveyors of truth, it was that dumb president bush...oh and we must not forget how they said all jews stayed home from work on 9-11. Why/? Because these Al Qaeda operatives believe Jews are so cold that theyw ould keep this attack a secret and let thier friends die..? lol

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