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Date:   7/21/2006 3:47:09 PM ( 17 y ago)
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I know how everybody feels when trying to have a discourse with this bitter, angry guy. I tried to do the same a couple of months ago, before discovering that his blog is fantasy world, where facts are ignored in favor of labels, insults and hatred and Ann Coulter is worshipped as a Moon Goddess. I can practically see the spittle flying out of this poor guys mouth and on to with keyboard as he regurgitates what he's heard on Rush or Savage, his mind unable to filter GOP spin, consumed with the left vs. right puppet show. What?! You disagree with Pastry? You have an opinion that differs from his own? Then you hate America! YOU are a terrorist! You are an anti-Semite, etc.. It's the old fascist trick to shout down opposition and it's especially sad, being that I don't think even think he's aware he's doing it. C'mon Pastry, who's Anti-American, the person who would like to discuss ideas and debate viewpoints, or the person who shuts down all discourse and brands those who disagree with the State as traitors?

I donít expect a rational answer, I expect more insults, more hatred and more ďIíve got the liberals of the run!Ē type vomit. Oh, and a whole bunch of Ďlolís too, even though they are totally inappropriate. Happily I can leave this blog, and its insanity with the click of a mouse, something poor Pastry canít do.


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