whew,we have us a live one by #66379 .....

Date:   7/21/2006 9:40:51 PM ( 17 y ago)
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sometimes its best to be quiet and to be thought of as a fool

then to open your mouth and erase all doubt...
Ca you come up with something fresh? Second time today you posted that..but I can see you lack any real sort of memory. Like I said before..that is the code# that this website issued me. I also told you,that my name is Steve and I live In AZ.

I'm suprised your still talking away and posting. You have not made one comvincing statement and Universal just absolutely flamed you. But now I see it is an intelligence issue..

And are you not aware that Hezzblloah and Al Qeda are radical right wing factions?
Are you not aware that Facism is a radical right wing position?

why then would we so called "liberals" support any right wing group? You've been yapping how we don;t support this president and we blame him for everything, so why we would support hezzbollah.
and universal was right..you do not know the correct applications of the lol. You are just a riot.

Now go to bed and sleep tight with your Karl Rove teddy bear


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