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Date:   7/29/2006 10:32:40 AM ( 17 y ago)
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How in the world did you come to the that conclusion? If you take the time to read all of Pastry boys blogs and my responses...

I see you have the same short/one sighted views as this sad man who just spews hate. I call him on it and he starts the name calling and bloviating ala Rush and Hannity.

Pastry blue makes these horrendous statements like the people who died in the Tsunami did so at the hands of god becasue they are evil doers... Just sick and if you agree,you are sick as well.

I am liberal. Here is a repost from JFK because obviously you are clueless to what it means

If you agree with this man on anything that he writes here on his sad,hateful blog then you may need help as well.

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