Re: another anti semite spews hate about what i write by universal .....

Date:   8/1/2006 1:57:21 AM ( 17 y ago)
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Pasty, your last post was perhaps the single worst one I have ever read on CureZone. You dare label others as 'spewing hate', when you call anyone who disagrees with you an Anti-Semite at the drop of a hat! Anti-Semitism is a serious charge, it's not something to go throwing around at people. I strongly disagree with you, but I am not anti-semantic. I don't agree with all of Israel's policies, but that doesn't make me anti-semantic.

You really are a sad, hateful person. This blog isn't proving anything about liberals or conservatives or anything else for that matter, except for the fact that you are a small-minded, intolerant, hate-filled human being.

Bring on the insults, label me, tell me I hate America, etc, etc..


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