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Date:   8/3/2006 2:44:35 PM ( 15 y ago)
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First I don't believe half of the things you said regarding why you personally left the Democratic party. If you really had a pulse on the Vegetarian movemnet,you'd probrably find that the majority of them are Liberals. In fact I would guarentee it.

So do you think we really believe that these very pro gay people would call you a fag?
Most right wingers are intolerant of Homosexuality. Are you familiar with Log Cabin Republicans? Of course not.. How about the amendment to the constitution banning gay marriage..the majority pushing for this ban are Republicans.

Liberals are pro gay rights,pro equal rights and liberty for all..Unlike the party that you now support.

I'm quite sure you never recieved any calls threatning your life once you left the Democratic party. I mean were you such a force in the party and had such great influence that they could not do without you? Or were you going to divulge top secret party information.."oooooh,Let's kill blue pastry oooooohh."

We as americans have every right and it is our duty to question those in power,especially the worst president in history.

The only thing you can ever slam Clinton on is his moral inpropieties.
Yes he lied and was morally corrupt,but what else do you have?

He unlike our current president,can and never was called,incompetent,unengaged,dumb,idealouge AND is already being considered for the title of worst president ever..EVER! and he's still in office!!

During the Clinton presidency(where you obviously lived in a cave) there was record growth,A surplus and 20 million NEW jobs added. The 90's were booming!!

And search back into the recesses of your brain and try to remember all the hatred that conservatives spewed toward Clinton AND HIS WIFE during his time in office.

Conservatives despised him..way before Monica Lewinsky

Coulter,Hannity and Rush made a career out of it in the 90's and are still doing it to this day.
History will prove him to be one of the great presidents. Clinton was a statesman,a brilliant politician and seemed to genuinely care about peope and their concerns.

Since you talk about abortion in your goofy posts,did you know abortion declined in the Clinton era and has risen 30% since Bush took office?

Please,don't try and mention JFK again. He defended us against a real threat to our security. A potential nuclear war right off of the Florida coast. Not some made up reason to attack a country that was absolutley no threat to us.

and a far as Keith Olbermann and his Nazi salute. Is the anti-defamation league going to make a statement to Mel Gibson for his anti-semitic remarks?

Keith olbermann was sayig Bill oreiley was a nazi,he was not making an antisemitc remark. But ol' Mel was spewing the anitsemitism..

Where is your post bluepastry on Mel's deplorable acusations about the Jews?

Fair and balanced right pastry boy?


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