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Date:   8/3/2006 5:56:53 PM ( 17 y ago)
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Wow, you guys win. I give up. You have really shown me that I am wrong and you are right. It is amazing how you guys have deciphered everything I have written and shown me to be wrong.

I do find it amazing that someofthebestminds and 66781,both write in the exact same manner and have the same spelling problems that our pastry boy has.

and they both are repeating some of his old posts about Ruth,Mlb,Ted Kennedy and their views on the liberal agenda.

Plus the great and constant use of the lol.

Pastry boy,you are not creating these supporters are you? They could be close family members with the same affliction that you have at the moment,but that is highly unlikely.

If these indeed are real people chiming in,accept my apology,you guys are just too good.You have proven with your thoughtful insight and knowledge,that you guys got it going on,and alas,Universal and myself don't.

I for one know when I have been outdone by superior intellect

All hail buepastry,someofthebestminds and 66781!!!!!

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