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Date:   8/25/2006 6:21:21 PM ( 15 y ago)
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Hi Tina!

We are going to get rid of that wart :)

Mix a big pinch of salt in a little glob of vasoline.

Coat the wart and cover it very loosely with a bandaide, so you don't get anything greasy.

Heres why:

I had a wart on my finger for years before I finally made an appointment with a surgeon.

I had tried everything myself to get rid of that wart, even digging it out, and covering it with tape so it couldn't breathe.

I walked into the surgeons office and talked to the girl at the desk. She had a bandaide on her finger, and I asked her what happened to her finger, she said the doctor is her father, and she asked him to remove her wart. Her father told her there is no need for surgery on any wart.

I asked her what he told her to do for it, she said her father told her to mix salt with vasoline and cover lightly, and the wart will disappear.

Guess what? I cancelled my appointment! :-P

The wart remedy worked fantastic for me :D

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