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Date:   9/29/2006 3:03:50 AM ( 16 y ago)
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Hi there!! I'm glad to hear you're going strong. myself, i just couldnt go longer than 4 days. did a SWF and got a bunch of goop out. now im going to switch to a mostly raw diet for a few months.
Doing a prolonged fast just isnt in the books for me.....yet. i think 3-4 days is it, until i am bit more on a certain path in my life. until then i'll do the 3 day fasts, twice a month as i have been doing for a few months now. i know im not getting the full cleansing benefit as you are, by doing the shorter version, but im certain a short fast also has its benefits. and with all that stuff coming out of your body, you have proven to me that a fast will clean you out. i'm going to keep checking up on you, to hear how things are coming along.
also, don't concern yourself with ending the fast "prematurely". do what feels right. its not supposed to make you miserable, its supposed to make you feel better. :)
keep us updated! namaste

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