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Date:   9/29/2006 8:54:16 PM ( 17 y ago)
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Good post!

I have come to believe that we should limit the terms of elected officials to one term...  Never, Never, Never; reelect anyone, then they can not set up dynasties, or promise anything since they will not be there to do so... 

Originally the Congress met for about six (6) weeks a year; and except for a very few emergencies, did their job well...  Limited taxes & involvement in the lives of the citizens...   Now Congress meets for all but about six (6) weeks which is when they are on Holiday or vacation; and what do you think they are doing, but raising taxes &  restricting the freedoms of we the people...   HUH!! 

Something to think about!!   BTW: Political parties are not mentioned in the Constitution...  So it would be great to throw them out and just vote for the best man/ woman and let the chips fall where they may!!  DUH!!

My ideas anyway... Kermit


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