Pasty is lying to us. He's not a vegetarian, in his own words.. by universal .....

Date:   10/19/2006 6:30:40 AM ( 17 y ago)
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Below is a message he wrote to me in reply to my request that if he really supports our troops then he should inform himself about Depleted Uranium and the harm it causes to everybody exposed to it, including our troops.  Notice he did not respond to the issue raised, as he is incapable of debating a topic, rather he instead turns every issue into Ted Kennedy and calls those who point out his lunacy hateful, Anti-Semantic, and unAmerican, the same tactics the Nazis used in 1930's Germany.

I am glad I eat meat if raw food makes universal so sad
by bluepastry

Subject:   I am glad I eat meat if raw food makes universal so sad
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Date:   5/25/2006 1:12:10 AM   ( 5 mon ago ) ...  

wow this guy is hateful, angry and does not like America, how sad he is.

I am glad Bush is President and our troops are defending our nation and bringing freedom to the Iraqi and Afghan people.

This guy does not care about the crims committedby Al Qaeda or by Sadam Hussein,he just hates our great President. But propbably does nothate warcrimes Kerry or how Bill Clinton treated people at Waco or in Africa or China..


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