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Date:   11/19/2006 7:18:10 PM ( 16 y ago)
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the way I understood the SWF to work, is that the night before you drink your tea to loosen, and then the next morning you down your SWF to get it out of you (it kind of works like an enema, i guess). sooooo, moral of the story, i'm not sure it would work if you drank it right after your tea. i've also read that the 2 tsp. of salt in 32 oz of water mixture is such a ratio that your body doesn't really absorb the salt (it just goes straight through you), so bloating shouldn't be a problem. i can't remember exactly where i've read these things, but i'm 99% i didn't just make them up. try making the SWF the night before and putting it in the fridge, so it's cold when you drink it. it will make it a little harder to chug (since it's so cold), but you can't taste the salt as much--especially through a straw. a trick i used to do was drink it with a straw, and have something to read while i drank it. then i wasn't so focused on the taste, but instead on whatever i was reading.

i hope this helps! the swf is by far the worst part of the cleanse, but just think, once you make it through it, the rest of the day will be easy in comparison!!


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