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Potentiate Your DNA to Resist or Heal Vaccine Damage by luckman   4 d
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An Epic Tale of Dystopia and Renewal in 35 Quotes by luckman   15 d
Teach by example and fore thought! by kerminator   15 d
November 2021 - "Creme de la Creme" by Chef JeM   16 d
Musings from a Small Island #2 by luckman   17 d
Diet is key to the true way of health - not Meds! by kerminator   18 d
Evidence of Hanukkah Story part of Jewish Roots! by kerminator   18 d
Where and why do people often get lost in life? part 1 by kerminator   21 d
Apple Cider Viegar as health guide by kerminator   21 d
Have you noticed how recent things have hampered things by kerminator   23 d
Blog: Forgotten Words! by kerminator read and succeed! by kerminator   24 d
When R U on top? by kerminator   24 d
How to better your Brain Today! by kerminator   24 d
How we should reason.. by kerminator   24 d
the 2021 political typology by kerminator   25 d
Absolute Truth! All else is a falsehood! by kerminator   26 d
Musings from a Small Island #1 by luckman   27 d
Leading childern the wrong way to internet learning! by kerminator   27 d
What is possible if done right? Most anything! by kerminator   28 d
Live to Learn - not to follow defeats by kerminator   30 d
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