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Mindset Mastery by kerminator   5 h
Carbon dioxide is not the most important “Greenhouse gas” by kerminator   5 h
Total perfection? by kerminator   16 h
Each great journey starts here and now by kerminator   17 h
Don't just watch and agree by kerminator   28 h
Uncommon Wisdom!! by kerminator   28 h
People with no moral values by kerminator   28 h
The Difficult Part About Learning Hard Things - 3 by kerminator   38 h
The Difficult Part About Learning Hard Things - 2 by kerminator   40 h
Eco Art: Collage for Spring by Mayah   54 h
The Difficult Part About Learning Hard Things - 1 by kerminator   65 h
Asians’ marginalization by kerminator   76 h
What is RIGHTEOUSNESS BY GRACE by kerminator   76 h
Piling it on in the Covid years by Karlin   5 d
Eco Art:"Lucky Lint" by Mayah   5 d
How to become lost and dull-minded by kerminator   6 d
Fuel your mind by kerminator   6 d
Fun Little Eco Art by Mayah   6 d
Why? Stare at Screens All Day? by kerminator   6 d
“Greenhouse Gas” by kerminator   8 d
How Political Opinions Change by kerminator   8 d
“Intermittent fasting” by kerminator   8 d
Most problems people bring upon themselves! by kerminator   9 d
How to Start Thinking Better by kerminator   9 d
Intégration for who and why? by kerminator   9 d
People With out any moral valus by kerminator   9 d
He is alive and We are all forgiven! by kerminator   11 d
Introducing CALI THE DESTROYER by luckman   12 d
Human Stupidity by kerminator   12 d
If you could bankrupt America? by kerminator   13 d
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