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Jim Foley's Colon Pills   19 y  
My experience with starting Jim Foley's Colon Pills
So, oxypowder definitely cleaned out the big blockage I felt I had in my colon, but I was having only 1 complete elimination every 2 days or so. So, instead of going on another bottle of Oxypowder, I decided to try a free one-week supply of Jim Foleyís Colon Pills. The pills worked for me immediately. I took just two the night before going to bed, and had 2-3 good eliminations the next day. The eliminations were complete and left me feeling very good afterwards. The action seemed more gentle than Oxypowder and the stools were solid which made me more comfortable with them. After ...   read more

My fourth liver flush   19 y  
My fourth experience with Hulda Clark's liver flush
I finished up my fourth liver flush today. I pretty much followed the Hulda Clark protocol found here on curezone. My day yesterday consisted of vigorous physical activity in the morning, a very light lunch (salad) at noon, and about a half gallon of water. I downed my epsom salts on time and grapefruit/oil/huldia mixture right before bed. I didnít take any ornithine, but I knew I wouldnít have trouble sleeping. I didnít have a bowel movement before bed (I try every time and it just never happens). Other than that, I followed the recipe by the book. I woke this morning at 6am ...   read more

Oxypowder Post-Cleanse   19 y  
The day after ending the oxypowder cleanse
So, I ended the oxypowder cleanse cold-turkey. I did not go onto the maintenance dose, to see how my bowels would react. The day immediately following, I did not have a bowel movement, although I felt the need to. I tried several times throughout the day with no success. Finally, in the late afternoon (4:30pm) I had a very small elimination. I also had a very small one around 8pm. Today has been better. I had a large bowel movement this morning. It was very substantial and very easy. The color was a clean brown and it remained solid. It seems that the oxypowder has a very immedia ...   read more

Oxypowder Colon Cleanse, Day 7   19 y  
The last day of my seven-day oxypowder cleanse
Day 7 of the clenase was similar to the two previous days. My first elimination of the day was dark brown and black. I had two other bowel movements in the morning that were brown and light brown. In contrast, I did have two very small bowel movements in the afternoon/early evening. This is very unusual for me, as I almost never have movements after 2pm. Over the last few days, my eliminations have been a little abnormal. For example, some of the solid matter that I passed on day 7 was blackish and looked like frozen spinach. I havenít found any specifics about ending the cleanse, ...   read more

Oxypowder Colon Cleanse, Days 5 and 6   19 y  
Coming to the end of my 7-day cleanse
Days 5 and 6 on the cleanse were almost identical. Each were preceded by an 8-capsule dose, which seems to bejust about right for me. In the mornings, I had one large bowel movement about 10 minutes after waking. About 90 minutes after that, I had a medium-sized bowel movement, then one smaller one about halfway through the day. I never had a movement after the early afternoon. The first elimination was always black and very foul. The second elimination was dark brown. The third was lgiht brown. I also noticed that every morning I woke up a little dehydrated. It was the weekend, s ...   read more

Oxypowder Colon Cleanse, Day 4   19 y  
Halfway through the cleanse
Day 4 was rough. I woke up groggy (partially because I only slept 6hrs and seriously interrupted my body rhythm). I was extremely dehydrated. I found this insane because I was literally drinking water until a half hour before bed. I drank over a gallon of purified water yesterday alone (I have a gallon jug, Iím positive I did). Being so dehydrated (cotton-mouth similar to a hangover), I didnít have the urge to eliminate at all for about an hour after I woke up. By that time, I was at work and had already hydrated myself with 35oz of water. My next elimination was around 7:30, then ...   read more

Oxypowder Colon Cleanse, Day 3   19 y  
Day 3 on Oxypowder
My third day on the cleanse went a lot like Day 2...more gut rumbling, but no real discomfort. I had an elimination shortly after I woke up, and two medium-sized ones in the late afternoon. They were liquified, and brown...not black like the foul stuff that I got out on Day 2. I had the urge to eliminate several times during the afternoon, but they turned out to be false alarms. When I woke up in the morning, I noticed that my skin felt very good. I had shaved my face the night before, and now my skin was soft and clean. The pimples that I had were not blood-filled or painful. The ...   read more

Oxypowder Colon Cleanse, Day 2   19 y  
Day 2 on Oxypowder
So, on Day 2 I started to see some significant changes. My stomach was rumbling most of the day, although I didnít feel bloated or cramping. About 10 minutes after I got out of bed in the morning, I had a very large, liquified bowel movement. The smell was foul, so I was happy to have it out of my system. I felt the urge to eliminate several other times during the day, but it was only gas. That was a little annoying, but I canít expect my system to become a well-oiled machine overnight. The morning elimination was the only one I had all day, so I upped the dose and took 8 capsules be ...   read more

Oxypowder Colon Cleanse, Day 1   19 y  
Effects of Oxypowder on Day 1
I took my first dose (4 capsules) of Oxypowder on Monday night...making Tuesday my first day on the cleanse. Throughout the morning, I did feel a lot of rumbling and grumbling from my stomach, but nothing terribly disturbing. I didnít feel bloated or experience any kind of cramping. I had no urge to eliminate in the morning when I woke up. In fact, I only had one bowel movement all day, which was in the late afternoon. The stool was dark brown and solid, not liquid. I did notice the effects of the oxygen throughout the day, however. Itís a little hard to explain, but I just felt l ...   read more

My Health History   19 y  
My specific health condition, past and present.
Let me give everyone some background on my situation, so that the rest of this blog makes sense. MY PROBLEM Iím 25 now, but Iíve struggled with acne since puberty. In the last 5 years or so, it seems to have escalated. More and more often, I get deep red, blood-filled cysts that are very painful to the touch. These cysts can be the diameter of a nickel and protrude from the face as much as 2cm. The majority of the acne is on my chin, but I do get some on my cheeks. I almost never have acne on my forehead or anywhere else on my body. I have a very logical mind, and Iím always lo ...   read more


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