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Astrology for this week July 8-12 period   15 y  
Astrology for this week of July 8-12 period
154 JULY 7, 2008 Monday Mercury quincunx (inconjunct) Natal Sun The phone rings, lots of talk flows around you. Papers must be shuffled; errands must be run. Interruptions abound. Your nervous energy is tested. In communicating with others, egos and needs may conflict. Make your point clearly, then let it be. Listening is half the art of communication. Seek com- promise and win-win solutions. Mercury trioctile (sesquisquare) Natal Moon Your thinking is heavily influenced by your feelings, today, so it is important to examine which is which. This could be just t ...   read more

The Elephant is Slow to Mate   15 y  
Connecting with Her is to feel a flood of the deepest most heartfelt appreciation. it reminds me of this poem THE ELEPHANT IS SLOW TO MATE by D.H.Lawrence
11:42 PM July 8, 08 Got this poem on my mind right now: This is what it is like when I connect with Her: A flood of the deepest heartfelt appreciation. --- The Elephant is Slow to Mate by D. H. Lawrence The elephant, the huge old beast, is slow to mate; he finds a female, they show no haste they wait for the sympathy in their vast shy hearts slowly, slowly to rouse as they loiter along the river-beds and drink and browse and dash in panic through the brake of forest with the herd, and sleep in massive silence, and wake toge ...   read more

My Astrology for the Year   16 y  
My Astrology for the Year-2007
8:30 AM August 6, 07 http://curezone.com/upload/Blogs/Your_Enchanted_Gardener/Astrology_2007.pdf This is a report from Astro Communications Services. I have found this very helpful. It goes choices for the energies.   visit the page

Seven of Hearts Day for me   16 y  
Seven of Heart's Day for me Accept Loved One as she is.
8:47 AM August 4, 2007 This is basically a good day for me to Self Love through clearing and decluttering and organizing some. Better get with the program. Not a day for high expectations of loved ones for me. This is a day to be in Loving Relationship with myself. ___ This is From Robert Lee Camp’s Free readings: http://www.7thunders.com/FreeReading/Readings.php ___ This is also a Seven of Heart’s Year for me. It is a time to give freedom. time for me to be free of fear and attachment. ___ The Basic Meaning of the Seven of Hearts ...   read more

Twin Soul/BF to Your EG Love Card Analysis   16 y  
Awakenings, Inc In depth Report. These reports are excellent!
Cleaning up some things. Found part of this printout. Wanted to upload it here. http://curezone.com/upload/Blogs/Your_Enchanted_Gardener/LoveCardsEGBF1.pdf   visit the page

INDEX Camp Internet Shows July   16 y  
INDEX Robert Camp Internet Shows July 07 Uploads, Subjects. I am on on of these shows, but difficult Identifying which right off. Let's see how it goes. Today is a Jewish Holiday. T'sha B'v..desctruction of the Temple... birth of the Messiah from the ashes.
4:58 PM July 24, 07 I am out of my skin and really unnerved. Tedious details--Sales Tax uploads took a lot of time + two naps to get through it. Want to put the Statements for the year in the notebooks, before I complete the Sales Tax Report. Bored to hell...in a what’s the use mode. Really want out of this life as it is, but can’t see a way. Going to listen to the July Robert Camp shows to see if I can get my head out of this Space I am in. LINK to CAMP SHOWS: http://www.7thunders.com/BIN/MrDestiny/ THAT WAS HARD TO IDENTIFY! TOOK ABOUT 30 MINUTES TO MAKE ...   read more

Cleaning up...nice contact in Netherlands   16 y  
Beautiful Woman I met at Pacific Symposium in 2001. Is this her on the Internet?
Is this Christel Jannsen? http://www.spontaneousmovement.com/welkompagina 11/2/01 ”Dear Jack, I just met Leslie and spent 45 minutes with him and it is like I came over for the conference from Holland just to let this connection be made. This man has the power in a very short time to connect to the most essential things in life.” --Christel Janssen Where is Dania Bilene Miller? Where is Christina Barker, Tustin High School class of 69. She has a married name, perhaps.   read more

Cleaning up...   16 y  
Beautiful Woman, owned store, visited garden here....
Mimi Lam 6-14=96 Goddess Creations 192 Valley Road Riveredge, NJ 201.489.2886 She loved The Goddess Prayer... http://www.goddesscreations.com/articles/index.html locate her also be in touch with Ginger Price.   visit the page

Five of Diamonds   16 y  
Five of Diamonds
12:05 PM July 13, 07 http://www.7thunders.com/FreeReading/Readings.php Free Readings Here ____ Five of Diamonds: The Salesperson Card This card has its share of challenges and its share of gifts. Like all fives, they dislike routine and abhor anything that pretends to limit their freedom. They can be perpetual wanderers, never settling down for anything long enough to make it pay off. This includes their work and relationships. All 5 have an inner restlessness, but they truly want to accomplish something of value and stability in their lives. They are inherently spiritua ...   read more

Relationship Report Extraordinaire!!!   16 y  
Fantastic Relationship Report by Awakenings on Twin Soul/Best Friend and Your Enchanted Gardener. I reocmmend this report he does.
Michael Baruch of Awakenings ran this report for me last week. It is really helpful! I highly recommend his Compatability report. It sound a bit looking at us through Rose-Colored Glasses, but then, maybe it is me who sometimes has the doubts and fears. The Relationship between Twin Soul/Best Friend and Your Enchanted Gardener really has been the one of the most intimate, and Growth Producing relationships of my incarnation. Here is the report by Michael Baruch: http://curezone.com/upload/Blogs/Your_Enchanted_Gardener/LoveCardsEGBF.pdf This is the original ...   read more

Stuff!!! Letting Go! + Love Teachings   16 y  
Powerful Love Teachings for Receiving your Heart's Desire
6:34 AM July 11, 2007 I got a card yesterday on Robert Camp’s Free Destiny Card site that signaled the END of something. This frightened me Very Much!!!! I am terrified of endings!!! My body first went into Shcck mode years ago when I graduated High School and went out to College!!!! I ended up in the Hosital with some kind of Trauma Triggering that can happen inside me when Endings come up. I do not have a full picture of this Trauma Triggering. I know I have an intense Fault Line in me where Abandonment is felt. How do we Clear the Stuck, Stagnant, Heav ...   read more

INDEX to Robert Camp Internet Show Topics   16 y  
Robert Camp TOPIC internet Radio Show Topics.... Main topic from each show...
Making an INDEX to the Topics: This is the INDEX to other internet show by Robert Camp. Each show begins with a short talk that is quite profound in the quality of truth. I am going to identify what the topic is for each perhaps: http://www.7thunders.com/BIN/MrDestiny/ Parent Directory 29-May-2007 07:48 - [SND] Mr Destiny 3.12.07.mp3 13-Mar-2007 12:37 74.2M [SND] Mr_Destiny_2-26-07.mp3 10-Mar-2007 09:21 26.2M ____ TOPIC: DATE: Launch in external player or download. ____ TO ...   read more

Relationship Talk   16 y  
What makes a Great Relationship?
Notes from Relationship Talk with Robert Camp and Joseph Malinak: Here is the Talk: http://curezone.com/blogs/m.asp?f=1103&i=24 [ Here is Joseph’s Ideal relationship site... Lots of goodies here to explore: http://www.idealrelationships.com/index.html Phone: 828-645-0999 Email Joseph: joseph@idealrelationships.com Email Sarah Elizabeth: sarah@idealrelationships.com What makes a great relationship? 1- Responsibility-- Take a stand, that I am fully the cause of everything that happens in my life. A way of looking (even if it may not be t ...   read more

Ghana Benefit+ completes from Decluttering   16 y  
completes from decluttering
2:19 PM July 6, 07 I can’t find some of the names I wanted to save. Toni_ herndon....in charge of kids at Crawford who did the Ghana program.....????? I set up a Garden book.... my energy levels are off the top to move.... and explode out....   visit the page

Relationship--Final Frontier!!!!   16 y  
"Relationship is the final frontier of Personal Growth." Robert Camp interviews! This really shifted my reality!!!
”Relationship is the final frontier of Personal Growth.” --Robert Lee Camp with guest ”At first there is bliss, and then there is stuff.” --Joseph Malinak Incredibly Powerful Relationship Talk from Internet Radio.. that helps develop the skills to be healthy in relationship. What is Self Love? R: What is the concept of loving our self? Self love is a practice of seeing myself clearly and embracing who I am rather than resisting aspects of my self, being willing to bring unconscious things conscious. Example: For many years I had a rage problem really ...   read more

Free Online Readings+ Camp Radio Show   16 y  
Getting some greart insights. I trust these cards
http://www.7thunders.com/FreeReading/Readings.php Robert Lee Camp. Destiny Cards This looks like a nice radio show. How to call in-- it is 7:30 PM on Mondays on internet Radio.... News and Announcements: http://www.7thunders.com/index.php http://www.bbsradio.com/bbc/mr_destiny.php How to Call in: This program airs on STATION 2 - Listen Now CALL IN - SPEAK LIVE with the HOSTS on BBS RADIO! LIVE LIVE LIVE STATION 2 ONLY CALL-IN NUMBERS Toll Free 877-270-8714 U.S.A. only Toll Free 888-228-4494 Canada only 530-413-4515 Alternate Line #2 530-876-3223 Line #3 ...   read more

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Sharing a monumental Proclamation of Freedom with you, dear friend: Heart's Desire, my New Blog is a holding place for my journey of Love. On this Blog, you will read how I transition into New Lover's Arms. I became the World's Greatest Lover not only for Mother Earth, but for myself. You will read the journey of a man, 5' 2 inches tall who could hardly walk straight and yet aspired to be World's Greatest Lover for Mother Earth. Through my capacity to Love woman-- love Her as She wished to be loved--- Men everywhere learned to Love woman. In doing so, the Earth became a… more...

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