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no delay tactics   14 y  
hillybilly doing yoga...small town? No excuses.
Day two of bikram yoga!!!!! I managed to get my exercise room to 88degrees. Booyah!   visit the page

Clutter hampers a yoga practice   15 y  
my birthday plans involve cleaning yoga :-)
This morning I did get up to do yoga even though I had a 13 hour shift ahead of me. The bottom floor was kickin’ stinky cuz my husband didn’t change the catboxes. I couldn’t block out the smell and dust so I didn’t get to do much yoga this morning. I really had to ask myself where all the clutter and chaos is REALLY coming from. That’s going to be my birthday ’around the sun’ celebration. I am going to figure out how to unravel the clutter so I can do my yoga downstairs and watch the yoga DVD.   visit the page

Laid low by dis-ease...Back to day one of my sadhana (sort of)   15 y  
back on track with happy, healthy and holy yoga
Wow this weekend was pretty challenging. I believe at the heart of my dis-ease is giving away my pet chickens. There was really no reason for me to have a temp other than fighting off the flu my coworkers are bringing to work. I’ve started working on my positive thinking, law of attraction-type stuff and I’m becoming aware of how I allow negative things in my life to affect my body. I think that I will be fine when the chickens leave :( Right now I don’t have enough spiritual strength to stand up to this challenge. Most of all I feel sorry for the turkeys esp. the tom turkey who now tramp ...   read more

40 day sadhana for spiritual attunements and prosperity Day One   15 y  
Health sadhana!
Yeah I’m waking every morning for yoga at least an hour before sunrise no matter what. It’ll make me keep a tight watch on my sleep. I prefer to MOVE first thing in the morning. I usually hop on the exercise bike for at least half an hour. Instead of the exercise bike, it’s Gurmukh’s Kundalini Yoga DVD then prayer then maybe the exercise bike! This morning after yoga I cleaned the two catboxes, put in a load of laundry and am doing some constructive reading. Oh yeah I fed the chickens too. When I have breakfast, I’m going to take my dog for a walk. First day sadhana homework to cr ...   read more

EFT taps for weight loss   16 y  
my thoughts of weight loss and EFT
I’m thinking of the impediments of why I have a fat belly but everywhere else is getting muscular, why I can’t focus on yoga sometimes,etc. I was starting the bikram yoga series at the gym last night and a memory of public embarassment came right back to me. I must have been about seven or so. It was so vivid. I couldn’t continue the yoga because of that and because the lady insisted on turning on the television to get on the treadmill. I’m on a tv fast for Lent but that’s another post. Anyway, I’m coming up with some good EFT taps for mainting a health diet on a budget and addressing m ...   read more

Friday   16 y  
school and nurse aide work only for the HARDCORE
No yoga or other exercise today. I’ve meditated on myself today repeating health affirmations in light of the fact I was moving and doing stuff for nineteen hours yesterday. Wasn’t healthy and the flue went around the house already and was knocking at my doorstep lastnight. Anyway, I think my strategy on the long days I have to work is to do yoga later in the morning like now which is little after six am and cardio after class and leave work early like ten o’clock. I took a generous swig of Wood Root Tonic and am going to start taking echinacea which is good for right now when I don’t have ...   read more

Thursday...mixed morning   16 y  
a little venting
I did half of the Kundalini Yoga DVD. Even though I stopped because my mind was distracting me, I still feel good. I guess I was distracted by the challenges of going to school and my husband’s career affected by the current financial stuff then checking my bank account and seeing an ’overdraft fee’ to cover my vitamins. Yes it could have been worse. I could have not done yoga AT ALL. Not meditated at all. Not thanked the Lord for His generosity. I’ve gotten used to getting up and doing the yogas so early that if I don’t do it I feel funny. It sets the pace for my day. I took my cold showe ...   read more

Tuesday/Wednesday   16 y  
sleep sleep...more important than sex. Say what???
Tried a new yoga DVD, one among the ones that my husband bought me (I picked them out and used his paypal :D). It’s called Warrior Workout. It’s kundalini and at a different pace than Gurmukh’s DVD. I did 37 minutes of it. I woke up at 5:02 and time got away from me because I didn’t go straight to the mat first. I think I went to sleep too late and went to sleep exhausted as opposed to tired. Anyway, I was tempted to NOT do ANY yoga but I did it anyway and feel BETTER. Yesterday: kundalini yoga DVD (60 minutes) elliptical (30 minutes) biceps (3-4 sets) stability ball training for ab ...   read more

Challenge Monday   16 y  
journal entry
I did one hour of kundalini yoga yesterday. Today I rose from my bed at 4 am and did one hour of yoga(Gurmukh) and thirty minutes of meditation (Holy Rosary). Today’s fitness intention: weight lifting-back/biceps cardio- Tae Bo bikram yoga-full series -This is quite ambitious. However, nursing school lets out at three o’clock and I have a 12 step meeting at 8 pm. There’s time for everything...well almost :-) Today’s food intentions: Eat raw in the afternoon-green smoothies and fresh juice   visit the page

yoga challenge update   16 y  
different yoga styles, ALL good :-)
yoga challenge update Jan 2- 30 minute bikram yoga set Jan 3- kundalini yoga DVD-Gurmukh Jan4- no yoga-stayed up late talking to husband about his life issues Jan 5- full bikram yoga set split in two parts- had a low blood sugar crash from not eating- I have to eat SOMETHING before yoga or I’ll poop out before I’m done especially bikram yoga. I had my sauna suit on with my cabela’s ladies silk long underwear on and felt like I was back in the New York studio! No need to wear heavy clothes. Cabela’s silk undies works GREAT. Jan 6- today’s INTENTION is to do a full bikram yoga ...   read more

Overeaters Anonymous Nursing in the Raw style   16 y  
journal and my food plan for tomorrow
ff blog entry: I purchased a pair of kettlebells whilst in New York. Nothing extravagant but I was curious and a little skeptical thinking it was an internet guru marketing thing. However, I am sold on adding kettlebells to my workout. I bought mine at Sports Authority, 5# ones I can use while I do my powerwalking and my suppertime routine at work. Total they cost me $30 but considering the prices on the internet that was a bargain imho. I am beginning a fourty day yoga challenge, any kind of yoga every day for fourty days. Next monday I start nursing school and my work schedule is awe ...   read more

Cooked Foods...oh my muh bowel   17 y  
rawfoods for endurance
I had a veggie burger last night against my better judgment. Why? Because the cafeteria was out of the garden burgers and had these nasty meat-looking things. I piled my tomato and wild chard on top of it and ate it. I wanted something a little heavier. I’m looking into some raw recipes for breads and burgers. I really need something heavy for an afternoon meal so I don’t poop out in midst of helping my ladies get ready for bed. So here are some of the things I’m going to make tomorrow on my day off: essene bread sunburgers Next project is to find a source for brazil nuts so I ca ...   read more

Sunday Journal   17 y  
good day, berry berry good
Post workout meal: 2 apples off the tree 1 quart of berry/spinach smoothie - I went for a 4.24 walk according to and also is recorded in my running journal These websites are FREE. I worked my biceps before the walk. My husband and I are not in possession of a working vehicle at this time so no gym today. The gym isn’t far but I didn’t feel like walking all the way there and back after a hardcore gym workout. Not today my relaxation day. Man that smoothie was good. Anyway, I am making time management one of my projects this week so I can begin to practi ...   read more

Feeling Good..Rawsome Day   17 y  
a long refreshing post
I ate a lot of rawfoods. Actually, I thought I was overeating a bit because I was nervous about not having any milk for my tea and throwing away my cheap storebrand cereal. I didn’t want to eat the honeynut cheerio knockoff anymore. I did have a cup of capp and a cooked c**kie. Going to the local gas station for capp is a bit psychological because it reminds me of Starbucks and civilisation back in New York. I really miss my mother and sister. I miss New York, miss Long Island (hard to believe I’d ever be saying that). Moving to the country has its benefits but the drawbacks, the tradeoffs ...   read more

Nursing in the Raw   17 y  
my rawsome food choices
I am amazed at how the residents always ask for fresh fruit. Anyway, I’m going to take a green smoothie and some apples with me today. I look forward to seeing how a mostly raw fruits and greens diet will affect my work performance. I am going to nursing school in January so part of my desire to eat raw 100% is to purify my brain and sharpen my nervous system for studies. Plus I think a fit, healthy nurse is a rolemodel for people. It shows the resident’s families that I really do care about health. Last night post-workout meal: blueberries pawpaw an avocado..somehow the heavier fat ...   read more

Raw Food Right Now???   17 y  
rawfood experiment
My 100% wasn’t successful but I did manage to have a green smoothie a day and add more fruit. I went ahead and bought what I wanted at the grocery store. I didn’t care about price all that much. I bought pears which went into my green smoothies. Dandelion greens helped my lettuce and parsley along. I have a lot of tomatoes to use up. It seems as if this year was the bumpercrop year for tomatoes and everyone is trying to give them away! I like them stewed. I never liked tomatoes raw really unless with avocado and some olive oil...YUMMY. Avocados are prohibitively EXPENSIVE up here. I’ll se ...   read more

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