Master Cleanse Adventure
by healthnutwannabe

Pose Cleanse Day 2   14 y  
The day for soup is finally here!!!!
Today I had a glass of oj for breakfast and then got broth for lunch. just a little, but it was so gooooooood and now I’m all out STARVING. My soup is on the stove, and I have rye crackers, so tonight will be an excellent night! Yipee!!   visit the page

Post Cleanse (but it sure still feels like cleansing) Day 1   14 y  
Yeah!! More liquid....
Today I was so happy to wake up and have delicious fresh- squeezed orange juice instead of fresh mixed swf. Absence DOES make the heart grow fonder. I took the book literally when it said I could have several glasses and have been enjoying it all day. My stomach has felt no pain and I can clearly hear it asking for a little MORE. The problem with formulas like the breaking of the master cleanse is that we’re all different. But, with that said, I have followed the formula up to this point, and I’m going to see it through. I know when my body is ready for veggie broth, though, and it i ...   read more

Awwwww Yeah!!! Awwwww Yeah!!   14 y  
Party time.
Hello, Day 10!! Today went swimmingly easy and ended the same. My energy was good, I was kept sufficiently busy, and I have been really happy about reaching my 10 day goal. Tomorrow is orange juice!!   visit the page

Another birthday party on day 9   14 y  
No, thank you. I don't want a piece of chocolate cake.
I took my daughter to the second birthday party since starting the cleanse. It was not that bad being around many yummy looking foods. Tabouli, hummus, cheese and pita chips (yummmmmmmmmmmmmm). It was seriously better that being in my house with nothing to do. I find that as soon as I get home, I am VERY manically cleaning my house. Manic being the operative word. Maybe this is what people mean by having a lot of energy. I, for one, am a lover of relaxation, not crazy manic insanity. Thank goodness I am now headed for the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow!! Day 10 awaits in m ...   read more

Barbeque ribs floating through the air   14 y  
Day 8 on the master cleanse
Today was one of the first days on the cleanse that I was at home with not much to do. Maybe that’s why it has been one of the hardest days. Or maybe it was one of the hardest days because my wonderful, loving husband made his famous bbq ribs that he only makes a couple of times a year and I had to smell the incredibly wonderful smell. I further tortured myself by looking up recipes and watching ”The Future of Food.” Maybe I’m trying to hurt myself.... I do believe that I released some serious toxins today. My tongue is still white, and the roof of my mouth feels a little odd too. ...   read more

Day 7   14 y  
I love yoga
Today I was able to do yoga this morning and it felt GREAT. I think that it really helped with toxin release. I had plenty of energy this morning, but was pretty much zapped by 1:00. My wonderful husband kept the kids outside for an hour while I napped, and that really helped. I’ve been taking a detox bath every night since day 1. It has really been something that I’ve looked forward to, especially the days that I’ve been freezing cold. Someone suggested that I do a cabbage soak, which I did, which was terrific. My skin felt great afterward, and because I used purple cabbage, my b ...   read more

Movin right along....   14 y  
I'm in the groove.
Day six Not really much to report today. I felt good, had energy, did NOT exercise (which I think helped a lot), and got through the day fairly well. I only had slight hunger pangs at the times I normally eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My patience may be slightly improved. My allergies were a little worse today, but nothing like normal. The most interesting thing that has happened since I began this adventure happened last night. When I was trying to fall asleep, I was seeing these intricate sparks or ”energies” everywhere (many colors). Then a gentle LION emerged from the d ...   read more

Day 5   14 y  
Like a roller coaster, only less fun.
Today was pretty up and down. I made the mistake of exercising (too hard?) again and paid for it later. I felt great afterwards, but was REALLY hungry. I have consumed more lemonades by far today and will probably actually reach my 12 glasses by bedtime. The most I’ve had up to this point is 7 or 8. I was VERY moody today, but when I felt good, I felt great. I forgot to mention that I took a detox bath last night with epsom salt and baking soda and was expecting to get a ring of wild colors around my tub, but I didn’t. Maybe I did it wrong? I’ll have to try again. My skin has ...   read more

All around great day   14 y  
Day 4 of the Master Cleanse.
Day 4!! Tomorrow will be half way to better health. Today I started off with abounding energy. Right out of bed at 6:00 and felt great. Drank the swf and was done eliminating by 7:30, the time we leave. I spoke in my son’s 1st grade class about bees and it went well and was super fun. Children are amazing. Very forgiving, too, thank goodness, because I have been more than a little moody today. I think ovulation might play a part in that, though. So I apologized often and got lots of extra hugs and kisses. My allergies are seemingly non-existant right now and I’m wondering if ...   read more

Day 3   14 y  
master cleansing day 3
Today was a great day. No headaches, little hunger, and Lots of energy. I cleaned my entire house! My only complaint is that mentally, everything is still a little fuzzy. But as the headaches have passed, I suppose this will also. My allergies have really lessened, which is amazing to me since I have been so sick lately. Poof! Vanished almost completely. My husband is still being amazing and has cooked for the kids for every meal and has been really supportive and has constantly been telling me that I’m doing great. (Although the celery and peanut butter that he ate last night r ...   read more

Day 2 Master Cleanse   14 y  
Day 2 of Master Cleanse
Today was pretty rough. I had a headache/ neck ache most of the day and luckily could stay in bed for some of it. I guess that it’s because of my one cup of espresso a day habit that has been neglected for two days. My husband is being very supportive and my children are very interested in what I am doing. Yeah! bed time- I know that when I get through tomorrow, the fourth day will be easier!   visit the page

Beginning the master cleanse day 1   14 y  
34 year old female trying master cleanse for the first time.
9:00 am I’m a 34 year old female trying a cleanse for the first time.... My initial reason for doing this cleanse was allergies, which I have been suffering terribly from this season, and increasingly more as I get older. It feels like I’ve been sick for 3 solid months. So this is basically an experiment to see if I can rid myself of allergies without medicine. While thinking about doing this fast I did lots of research and decided that the master cleanse was a good cleanse to try. I love the idea that my body will be rid of many impurities that have been harbored in various orga ...   read more


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