Fasting for Weightloss: Month of March Challenge
by Starrygirl75
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Thinking about fasting in general.   15 y  
Wanting to lose weight can bring a person to extremes, and though fasting most always causes weight loss, that's not supposed to be the goal.
I am wondering about how fasting is healthy for me since I have modified it. I should be doing a true water fast, but I don’t know if I could pull it off. I know that water fasting is a very powerful tool for healing. I hope that I am not causing anyone harm by posting my Blog. I know how powerful and inspiring the story of others is when you want to make a change in your life, especially when you are hurting (emotionally and physically) and desperate to feel better. I know that the reason the I have wanted better for myself, is reading the forums here on Curezone. I found that when som ...   read more

Cooked early dinner for family...more of a challenge than usual.   15 y  
It's hard to cook something that you really love, when you know that you aren't going to eat it.
I made some yummy baked macaroni and cheese with ham with crumb and cheese topping. It smelled absolutely wonderful. I have to be honest. After I took it out of the oven, I did take a small bite. It was so yummy. I thought about eating a full serving, and then I thought better of it. If I ate now, the food would be like a lead weight in my gut. I don’t want to feel bad like that, in trade for a few fleeting moments of taste. I am having a bowl of broth though. I think that it’s time. More Later, starry   visit the page

Treadmills are soooo boring....   15 y  
Maybe it's my A.D.D, but the treadmill has got to be the most boring place to be on a Friday night.
I exercised but I only went for 30 minutes (1.57 miles). I should have went for longer, but I’m tired and cranky. It’s 10:18PM and I am ready for bed. Not that I had something planned for I didn’t have to cook tonight, which was nice. The kids had McDonalds and my husband and brother-in-law had steak and potatoes. It smelled yummy, but it didn’t drive me nuts. I felt like ”hhhmmm...that’s nice” and that was it. I’m watching our pet hamster running in her fast, so frantic. I wish that I could run that fast, but I would break my neck and be laying in a twiste ...   read more

Wanting to weigh myself, but I'm experiencing PMS "bloat".   15 y  
Women know how it is, you can gain a few pounds right before your makes you feel like a cow.
*Disclaimer* My apologies to the men that may read this post. Women are going to know exactly what I’m talking about. I am very bloated from being near my period, I should be starting tomorrow. Yuck! I am craving chocolate now. I had two pieces which I know that I shouldn’t have. But as least I just had two, and I really don’t feel like I need any more. They weren’t that great anyway, which is a surprise. I tried some Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. It was pretty darn good, but lots of people said it was good so I wasn’t surprised. I had about 1/4 of a 20oz, I didn’t feel like drink ...   read more

Ack...I had a small setback!   15 y  
It wasn't temptation, it wasn't a what the hell was it?
I was making my daughter a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I wiped the peanut butter off the knife with my finger and instead of wiping it on a paper towel, it went straight into my mouth. I also had exactly four sips of Sunny Delight. The peanut butter tasted ”chemical” and the Sunny Delight tasted like syrupy vomit!!! I don’t even know why I ate and drank. It wasn’t because I was craving it, I’m not really craving anything at this point! It wasn’t because I knew that it would taste good, though I love peanut butter, I wasn’t thinking ”YUM Peanut Butter”. I don’t even like Sunny Deli ...   read more

Exercising....whhhhheeeewwww.   15 y  
motivation....sweat and heavy breathing?
Most women don’t like to be sweaty, I mean, I know that I don’t like to be sweaty. I don’t like to be out of breath either, sometimes I equate being out of breath with being panicky...not good. Anyway, I was able to walk on the treadmill for about 39 minutes and I went 2 miles. I know that we are supposed to aim for 8 minute miles, but yikes...I don’t know if I will ever be able to do that. Half-way through my ”workout”, I thought about having some broth afterward. I decided against it. I feel pretty good now. I worked out, I showered. I put on a good moisturizer, so my skin feels ni ...   read more

Cooking is a test of my will!   15 y  
I read an article recently about strengthening willpower.
An article in the March issue of Shape Magazine talks about Will Power. It’s a very good article that talks about ”meeting tempatation head-on” because avoiding what tempts us ”reinforces powerlessness”. It goes on to say ”self-control and self-discipline are the most important things we need to live an effective life”. It points out that ”Lack of willpower (or self-control strength, as researchers call it)is implicated in a number of personal and societal problems...”If you think about it, the overconsumption of unhealthy foods, lack of exercise, gambling and drugs, then self-control coul ...   read more

Day Four: Tired Again!   15 y minute I'm feeling great and the next I want to sleep!
Day Four here, I didn’t want to get out of bed. My muscles are really sore. I slept like a rock when I actually fell asleep, which took awhile. I was thinking about having some broth for dinner. I cooked a whole meal last night for my family, and I was able to refrain from eating. I told myself that I would not cook for the entire week, but with my family it’s just not possible. I will probably cook for them again tonight. I must brace myself for the weekend, as we tend to ”eat out” or ”order in”. But I must admit, food is not on my mind really. Usually I would be planning with the k ...   read more

Day Three: Doing O.K.   15 y  
Day three isn't too bad.
Today wasn’t too bad, I felt like eating a couple of times. I think that I should be drinking more water than I have been, as I am nowhere near a gallon a day. I just finished my 35 minutes on the treadmill, I only could do 1.75 miles. It was a little more difficult tonight than last night. I am prone to shin-splints which are very painful, and I get them when I ”overwork” myself. I have to be careful to add time/speed on the treadmill in small increments. I have been thinking about fasting for a couple weeks and then doing E.O.D fasting. I just want to jump-start the weight loss. I’ ...   read more

What is my ideal weight? What should my ultimate goal weight be?   15 y  
Looking at "ideal weight" and BMI calculators.
I’m looking at a site that has some interesting calculators to help find one’s ideal weight and Body Mass Index. I knew that I wanted to be in the middle of the range of healthy weight for my height. That range for a 5’8’’ inch female is: 125-164 pounds. So mid-range for me is about 145 pounds. If you would like to check the site out it’s: do the calculators on this page and then scroll down to the link for your ideal weight or use this link: I will just see what looks good to me, and t ...   read more

Got off my butt and exercised!!!   15 y  
It's true, if you don't feel like exercising...just do it anyway!!!
I got on the treadmill for the first time in ages...gosh it’s been like 8 months!!! Anyway, at first I thought that my heart was going to jump right out of my chest. But I got into the groove of things and it wasn’t bad at all. I took it easy and didn’t go over 4 mph. I stayed mostly at 3.0 mph most of the time. I was only going to go for 30 minutes, but I ended up going for 41 minutes and did 2 miles in that time. Keep in mind, I am horribly out of shape, so this is good for me. I did about 15 minutes of Pilates and Callanetics. I highly recommend Callanetics as it firms and tightens v ...   read more

New Email Address for Buddies and Questions!   15 y  
Just posting a new email address!
I created a new email address for fasting and all things fasting related! It’s: Thanks! starry   visit the page

Day Two: Listening to my body and it wants rest!!!   15 y  
Sometimes ya just gotta sleep!
I slept for about 4.5 hours this evening. I haven’t exercised yet. I’m just too tired. It’s been my experience that the first couple days can be rough, as far as low energy levels go. I feel for anyone that has to work full-time, or who has small children to chase! It will get better, that’s small consolation right now I know. I’m going to have to hide my scale. It’s just too easy to hop on it, and then I usually get discouraged. I am going to weigh-in and measure-in on Mondays. My husband slid the scale under the bed...far under it. It’s not so easy to get to, maybe that will help. ...   read more

Day Two: Stats as I promised   15 y  
Height, measurements and weight stats.
It’s still early Day Two, but I wanted to get my ”stats” posted. So here goes: female, 29 years old, 5’8’’ bust 42 waist 34 hips 42 thighs 24 bicep 14 calf 15 yikes!!! start weight 185.5 (yikes again) short term goal for the week: 178.5 short term goal for next week: 171.5 short term goal for third week: 164.5 short term goal for fourth week: 157.5 Total goal loss of for the month: 28 lbs. I will post again soon. Thanks for all the support. starry   visit the page

Day One: Not too bad.   15 y  
First day of Fast is pretty uneventful.
Today wasn’t too bad. It was nice to not feel that heavy ”full” feeling that I’ve been feeling for the past few weeks. My eating had really gotten out of control, and I just ”know” that I need to fast. I feel it’s the right time to do it. I hope that doesn’t sound crazy. Today was kind of hectic, so I wasn’t able to take my measurements. I will definately post tomorrow. Overall, I am feeling good. I will try to post a couple times a day. I want to document this whole experience, so that others might benefit from the information.   visit the page

Fast starts tomorrow.   15 y  
Getting ready for the fast is pretty uneventful.
I went grocery shopping tonight. I needed to have meals that my family can prepare quickly and easily with very little help from me. I have found that food preparation during the first four days is torture for me. I have to be able to avoid it if I can, but my family needs to eat. I bought 12 24-ounce ”sport cap” spring waters. I find that the sport cap bottles are easy for me to use because I can squeeze a lot of water into my mouth, forcing me to drink more water. During my last fast I became dehydrated because I wasn’t drinking enough water. I will have to be very conscious of this. ...   read more

Goals for the month of March.   15 y  
Outlining goals for the month of March in terms of weightloss and exercise.
I am planning to water-fast for the month of March. I plan only to supplement my fast with clear broth. I will add fresh lemon or lime juice to my water when I need to, and I might use tea also. I will be using mostly Spring Water, but I may use distilled also. I have several goals for the month: *Post every night in my blog. *30 minutes of exercise everyday. *Drink about a gallon of water daily. *Take measurements and weight once a week, on Sunday. During this fast I would like to lose about 25 pounds. I plan to fast again in April to lose another 10 pounds.   visit the page

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After failing at several attempts, I am making the month of March my month to fast. I will mostly fast on spring water, but I may drink clear broth if I feel the need.… more...

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