My Journey Back to Health--Juice Fasting
by naturalhigh7

Day 5 (part one)   17 y  
A rough night again as the "mucus march" continues. Also, my ramblings about diet and fasting and the "five food groups" scam.
Had a rough night again. My lower back was really aching all night, even after an epsom salts bath. Around 8 pm I got another whopping sinus headache that still has not gone away as of this morning. I got up several times in the night to put my poor nose under some steaming water, and used my good old Neti pot a few times but it was tough going. The ”mucus march” continues on. Yes, I know it’s necessary to go through these times of discomfort and cleansing but it’s no fun at all. Actually, I knew this part might be tough because I’ve had bad allergies all my life. At the age of seven, ...   read more

Day 4   17 y  
Feeling better today. The brain fog I've lived with for months has lifted somewhat and I have a pretty good day.
A friend’s phone call got me out of bed at 8:30 am. I slept a little bit better last night (thank God) but still woke up feeling a little tired and weak. My friend hasn’t started his juice fast but seems to be building up to one. He knows what his body is telling him, just like I have to trust my own body. After juicing about 28 ounces of carrot, cucumber, and beets, I start to feel a bit better and spend a few hours doing some organizing around my apartment and getting some things done. My head is actually feeling a lot clearer today (as witnessed by the activities I’m able to do) an ...   read more

Day 3   17 y  
Rough day but overcome a difficult enema experience and my sinuses improved.
Okay, today was a REALLY hard day for me. I woke up in the morning, drove my friend to the airport, and then fought traffic for an hour and a half to get back home. Not a great way to start another fasting day but it is what is. When I got home I decided to do an enema before juicing to empty my intestines further. Well, after about twenty minutes, I got very dizzy and flushed in the face, went into the bathroom to do my business, and almost passed out. I was sweating profusely and felt very clammy for about ten minutes, but it finally subsided. It DID scare me a bit and made me th ...   read more

Day 2   17 y  
A rough second day of juice fasting for me. Lots of discomfort and pain
Today was not a good day. I normally have some sciatic pain in my back and today it REALLY was acting up. I’ve read that fasting can cause certain discomforts, back pain being one of them. I’ve been taking a colon cleanser in the morning with water which I will continue. I also felt weak this morning but made it over to Wild Oats to share my results with a friend (also considering a juice fast) and then went home to juice some more (40-44 ounces of veggies in the morning and 24 ounces of watermelon, cherry, and pineapple juice in the evening). Had to drive up to the mountain this even ...   read more

Day 1   17 y  
Juicing veggies the first day and encountering some doubts and restlessness about doing this fast.
I’ve got my juicer, and my selection of fresh vegetables from the local Wild Oats and I’m ready to go. The first day was more difficult than I remember. I found myself not knowing what to do with myself several times, since eating food was not an option. There was a bit of restlessness and anxiety about even doing this again, and whether I’d have the staying power and fortitude to complete a long fast. But I got going anyway. I drank about 42 ounces of vegetable juice today (carrot, beet, celery, parsley, cucumber (out of my own garden), and spinach. Did not taste great but down it w ...   read more

Deciding to Juice Fast (the process)   17 y  
The process of how I decided to juice fast again after successfully completing an 8 day fast some five years ago.
After suffering these past five months with various CFS/ME symptoms (brain fog, muscular aches, extreme tiredness, insomnia, and inability to do any vigorous exercise without being literally wiped out for days, I’ve decided to juice fast. It’s taken a bit of a process to get here. In May, a friend suggested I get a vegetable garden again, since I used to have one many years ago. I got on a waiting list and in mid-June I got my 12 by 24 foot plot in a local community garden. I was doubtful about how much energy I would have to garden but I knew that growing vegetables would be a positi ...   read more


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