SecondGlanceGirls Fasting and Weight Loss Journey
by SecondGlanceGirl

No more false starts and super long fast goals, today I start a 5 Day Water Fast   13 y  
Short fast with intense workouts is what I WILL do...
Man I'm getting tired of looking at all the Day 1's on this blog and them leading nowhere. Yesterday i got some amazing news that made me feel soooooo happy and made me feel like there was hope...   read more

Day 2: Not complete failure but some success   13 y  
Healthy eating and exercise may be what I need with sporadic fasting whenever I can make it
Ok, well my plans to just eat vegetables should I feel like eating did not happen, and realistically I don't think they can. After not seeing my boyfriend for a week I gave in to eating a nice ...   read more

Day 1: OK It's been a while...   13 y  
Starting over
It's been a while since I first started this blog and I have no good results to report. In fact I feel worse than ever. My family is going through crisis, i'm getting fatter by the day and I feel d...   read more

HELP! The water fast did not begin!   13 y  
Fast failed
And I don’t think I can do it. Although I really have reached my limit. I can’t fit into any of my current clothes comfortably (everything is digging and painful) and I REFUSE to buy anything larger! How am I going to lose this crap???   visit the page

Day 1: Water Fast Really Begins!   13 y  
God will help me stick to this fast
I think I have found some real strength to succeed with my fast. In my last posts last night I stated that I would begin my fast tomorrow in around 4 hours...but after posting that I realized that I was still trapping myself in that ”tomorrow” mentality! SO I instantly decided to start the water fast then and there with the help of God; doesn’t hurt to have a 4 hour head start on reaching my ultimate goal :) I was so motivated to stick to water and get in as much exercise as I could, that I did 2.5 hours on my Gazelle and i felt great for pushing myself to do so. I figure I’ll workout a ...   read more

Day 2: cont. Deciding to put my fast into God's hands   13 y  
God help me...
I’ve been reading other people’s blogs and have found a common thread in many of them, God. Perhaps I have been putting too much emphasis in myself and have not put enough on God’s power to help me through difficulty. Tomorrow I will attempt to start a water fast and use God as my motivation.   visit the page

Day 2: cont.   13 y  
Binged into oblivion...
Didn’t manage to fast today, it was a family member’s birthday so I had a piece of birthday cake and that started me on my downward slide into binging again. I have to STOP this defeatist attitude where I let everything go when a single morsel passes my mouth!!! It’s like i’m okay so long as I manage to go 100% hardcore on a program, but the second I fall off the wagon I take it as an opportunity to eat as much as I can because I think i’ll be restricting myself completely ”tomorrow”. But like always, tomorrow never comes and I binge again and say it will begin tomorrow. So far it is 8: ...   read more

Day 2: Not a successful begining but there was progress   13 y  
Weight loss despite failure to fast
I really believe that water is an amazing thing. Yesterday was not a successful fasting day for fact I think it was one of the biggest binge fests i’ve had in a little while: 1 large beef noodle soup 1 large mango smoothie A 3 piece KFC meal which included fries, macaroni salad and orange pop (yeah at this point I was in the, i’ve already broken any chance of a fast or diet so i might as well go out with a bang mindset) 1 bag extra butter popcorn 1 pear 1 peach 3 oz. mozzarella cheese 1 slice deluxe pizza 20 sunflower seeds So it was a free for all on the eating front ...   read more

Day 1: Start of a water (or mostly water) fast   13 y  
Starting off hungry already...
It’s 9 hours into the fast and I am feeling hungry already! Or at least it’s an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach that is not quite comfortable. I am actually shocked at how hungry I am and at how early it is. So as we speak, I am chugging a 500 ml. bottle of water to stave off the feeling...done. It helped with the feeling, but it’s funny how the same water can taste soooo refreshing last night after my meal, and taste so bland and disgusting right now. Anyway, I stepped on the scale this morning and on day 1 I am officially 53.2 pounds overweight. So in around 5 days I have lost ...   read more

Day 0: Pre-fast Jitters   13 y  
My thoughts before beginning my fast
Okay, Well i have been trying to start a water fast for the last several days and have failed miserably. So, I’ve decided to keep a journal of everything that happens to me each day and to try and take control of my body. At this point in my life I need to lose 50-55 pounds in order to feel healthy and beautiful. I need this accomplishment in my life!!! My ultimate goal is to purely water fast, however, I am severely conscious of the fact that I have a binging problem and will likely eat. So i will keep track of every morsel of food I eat, any exercise that I do and keep track of my weig ...   read more


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This will be my journey into losing 50-55 pounds and all the bumps in the road along the way. more...

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