Raw Milk: The Whole Truth
by chef jem
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Food Rights and Raw Milk in America!   11 y  
Max Kane co-hosts with Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund President attorney Peter Kennedy in a two hour broadcast
The leading food rights lawyer Pete Kennedy (who is fighting the FDA over raw milk) is being interviewed this Saturday, January 8, 2011 (7pm - 9pm). You can tune in at http://republicbroadcasting.org/ Please not only listen, but also call in and let your voice be heard by the world! Here is the page to listen live: http://republicbroadcasting.org/?page_id=3   visit the page

Raw Milk Cheese From Grass-fed Sources   11 y  
Article: "Cheese, please: healthy fatty acid found in dairy!" by Nancy Piscatello
”... This study is nothing new to cultures who survived on raw grass fed dairy for millennia. They need no studies to dissect what they already exemplify in beautiful, healthy specimens of humans. Many of today’s nearly ’normal’ maladies were not seen in pre-modern people, who observed their diets passed down from generation to generation.” Happy 2011 to all you raw milk/raw dairy lovers! May this be your most Joyfull year yet! Cheers! Chef Jem Private American Chef Executive Producer of ”Raw Milk: The Whole Truth”   visit the page

Look To Milk As The Perfect Food   12 y  
"Grass-fed cows produce healthier milk - study"
”We need to look to milk as the perfect food and learn everything we can from it. ... a new study from Harvard University’s school of public health which found that milk from grass-fed cows may be healthier than milk from cows raised on feedlots ... the researchers reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.” http://www.odt.co.nz/108597/grass-fed-cows-produce-healthier-milk-study More on that study here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20463040 ”Hannia Campos of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston and her colleagues found, in a study of 4000 peopl ...   read more

Raw Milk For Better Nutrition   12 y  
"A Guide to Selecting Raw Milk for Nutrition" By Gary Wilson
”People who advocate a return to drinking raw milk for better nutrition may fail to take into account that milk, like all food, varies in nutrition according to the agronomic choices made in producing it. As you might expect, agronomic choices are made to increase yield. Unfortunately, this is done without concern for nutrition. Recommendations for choosing raw milk for nutrition: Find out the breed of dairy cow producing the milk, avoiding Holsteins if possible. Find out the average lactation for the herd, with under 4,500 liters being desirable. Find out the color of the butter, with the ...   read more

Early History Evidence of Milk Drinking   12 y  
Historical Timeline - A brief history of cow's milk, from the ancient world to the present.
”Through analyzing degraded fats on unearthed pot-shards, scientists have discovered that Neolithic farmers in Britain and Northern Europe may have been among the first to begin milking cattle for human consumption. The dairying activities of these European farmers may have begun as early as 6,000 years ago. According to scientists, the ability to digest milk was slowly gained some time between 5000-4000 B.C.E. by the spread of a genetic mutation called lactase persistance that allowed post-weaned humans to continue to digest milk.”[3] ”Integrating genetic and archaeological data, Ma ...   read more

"Raw Milk ...The Politically Charged Tip Of The Iceberg"   12 y  
RAW MILK GOT POLITICS with Ruth Foster part 1.wmv
”With its popularity growing beyond a fad, raw milk has become the politically charged tip of the iceberg in our fight for the freedom of food choice. In this presentation we will examine how raw milk has journeyed from being Nature’s perfect food to becoming the only food to be made illegal and why, despite health warnings, it is still widely sought for its health benefits. ” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oe8gNtr8Drw&feature=email If you are presently concerned about ”microbes” in raw milk from grass-fed healthy cows then consider this: When the ”Milk Problem” occurred, it was at ...   read more

Calling All Yankees!   12 y  
Appeal from the Weston A. Price Foundation to support two raw dairies that IMO were attacked by agencies of the federal government that were operating under color of law.
September 7, 2020 - Origin of “Yankee” - “Michael Quinion and Patrick Hanks[1] argue that the term comes from the Dutch name Janneke, a diminutive form of Jan (John) which would be Anglicized as ‘Yankee’ due to the Dutch pronunciation of J as the English Y. Quinion and Hanks posit that it was ‘used as a nickname for a Dutch-speaking American in colonial times’ and could have grown to include non-Dutch colonists, as well. Alternatively, the Dutch given names Jan (Dutch: [jɑn]) and Kees (Dutch: [keːs]) have long been common, and the two are sometimes combined into a single name ...   read more

"Food Safety"   12 y  
Chef Jem comments on "Food Safety"
Thank You Leslie for all that you have been expressing on and related to the issue of ”Food Safety”! The truth to be told regarding your thought as to whether Congress has: ”... delighted in the taste of (real) butter from contented cows ..” is that this points to the need for healthy animal fats that are required to nourish the brain and especially those brains in Congress! Based on the insanity of their proposed legislation one can easily wonder whether the thinking of the members of Congress have been effected by their diets. Do the members of Congress include healthy animal fats lik ...   read more

Milk and Farmer Sovereignty   12 y  
Chef Jem comments in reply to the idea that according to Titus 3:1 Amish farmers should obey the government regulations and have their milk pasteurized.
I am sure that the Amish can answer for themselves (regarding their Faith) however in regards to ”Titus 3:1” that scripture does not stand alone! The context of that scripture is God-ordained authorities and I would respectfully suggest that the purpose of those authorities be considered as well and that purpose is always to maintain peace among the people. People have natural Rights and / God-given Rights to live in peace. In addition, now we have the sovereignty of the people to consider within all of our ”God ordained” American Republics. (It is no longer just a matter of the ou ...   read more

"The FDA Is Already Abusing Their Power. Do We Really Want To Give (It) More?"   12 y  
FDA's Ace in the Hole BY Pete Kennedy, Esq.
”The cheese cases are an indicator of what could happen if S510, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, passes into law giving FDA mandatory recall power. ... A positive L-mono test can shut down or severely damage a business even when there is no legitimate threat to the public health.” Excellent article!: http://www.ftcldf.org/fda-ace-in-the-hole-kennedy.htm   visit the page

Something Missing On Our Farms   12 y  
Another FDA Cheese Bust: Award-winning Artisan Raw Cheese Producer in Washington State
I believe that there is something missing on our farms! It appears to me that virtually no one reporting or commenting on the farm raids seems to know that the FDA (and /or any other agency supposedly created by an Act of Congress) is limited in jurisdiction. It appears to me that virtually no one seems to know that unless your home is in federal territory, Washington DC or on Federally owned land that you have a right to privacy and therefore the right to post a notice at the entrance to your place warning government agents of trespassing unless they have a paper search warrant signed ...   read more

Septuagenarian Speaks Out On Raw Milk   12 y  
Co-op found guilty of misleading and deceiving the public through sale of Cleopatra’s Bath Milk, a raw milk product which is labeled as a cosmetic.
”... If this raw milk was so dangerous, why am I, and many like me, enjoying a full, active life as septuagenarians? I was born in NZ before the Second World War started and lived the first 10 years of my life on a sheep farm. We had our own cow, whose milk we drank every day . . . unpasteurized, of course . . . and poured pure cream all over our porridge every morning. ... the milk was kept in a jug in a ”safe” (a tin box with gauze-covered holes on its sides so air could circulate). We also ate the pure butter made from this same milk. ... I am as healthy as many 20-year-olds. Going by y ...   read more

If Each & Every Page View Here Equaled An Individual They Could All Overflow The Seating Capacity At "The Big House"!   12 y  
Imagine filling Michigan Stadium with all kinds of interested raw milk people!
Michigan Stadium, nicknamed ”The Big House”, the football stadium for the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, the largest stadium in the united states of America with an official capacity of 109,901 Imagine this stadium full of raw milk lovers all cheering for raw milk! Rah rah, raw milk, Rah rah, raw milk!! Now that the page views here have surpassed the seating capacity of the largest stadium in the u.s. of A. I think I may have to look at the occupancy of skyscrapers. It’s one of my ways of having a little fun! ;-)   visit the page

Chef Jem Comments at The Huffington Post   12 y  
Comment on article "Got (Safe) Milk?" by Glenn D. Braunstein, M.D.
Thank you Dr. Braunstein! Unfortunately this piece does not include ”The Whole Truth” regarding Raw Milk. Milk which is intended for pasteurization is not the same milk that is intended for direct human consumption in it’s naturally raw state. All the precautionary recommendations you made are certainly necessary for the first milk (milk which is intended for pasteurization) and I endorse that necessity. However, the truth is that there are two different milks that come from two different ”worlds” or sets of circumstances. Your picture does not include the history of milk and why th ...   read more

Milk According to Ayurveda   12 y  
Milk: The Real Thing by Todd Caldecott at his Urban Diner blog
I recommend reading this article as it point in the direction of how real milk can be used as medicine. http://urbandiner.ca/2010/10/15/milk-the-real-thing/   visit the page

"Alice Jongerden Wanted To Give Her Family A Healthy Start, So She Bought A Cow. Then Another, And Another."   12 y  
"Raw Milk: A Healthier Alternative?" - article in Vancouver Magazine about the British Columbia cowshare: "Home on the Range" raw milk dairy
Is it conceivable that mothers have a natural instinct for what is nourishing for their children? And maybe more so when it comes to milk? http://www.vanmag.com/News_and_Features/Raw_Milk_A_Healthier_Alternative?page=0%2C0   visit the page

"One Of The Most extraordinary Days In The History Of The Local Food Movement ..."   12 y  
News from Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture - Milk Sanitation regulations rejected
An ”Independent Regulatory Review Commission” with thoughtful considerations on the difference between the two milks as raw milk lovers have been pointing out over the years. http://pasafarming.org/news/pasa-news/pasa-news-|-raw-milk-aftermath-how-sweet-it-is   visit the page

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