Journey to Feeling Like a 19 Year Old Again
by LiveToBe100

Follow UP   12 y  
how to end the fast
Just a brief follow up. Last time i did a fast this long, i started eating right away. Not the best idea. I was constipated for 3 days. This time i ate soaked prunes. Then the next 2 days ate ...   visit the page

Day 20 - 189 lbs   12 y  
ending the fast
Woo hoo. HIt the 180's. Feeling GRRRRREAT. Will break my fast now. Can hardly believe lost those 21 lbs in 20 days. I feel awesome! Will eat soaked prunes, next 2 days watermelon and ca...   visit the page

Day 19 - 190 lbs   12 y  
feeling good and light - reaching the goal
Hadn't weighed in 3 days, hoped to be 189 today but that's ok. Feeling light like a 19 year old. :D Once one gets to this point, it's more about the mental as hunger has gone away so lon...   visit the page

Day 16 - 192   12 y  
Weak moments happen, you just have to get through the night till the next morning.
Whoa, last night had some weak moments and temptations. Was thinking about breaking my fast. Thank God i toughed it out till this morning. Feel much better now and would like to go anothe...   visit the page

2nd thoughts on day 15   12 y  
more thoughts and a MUST read book
Reminds me of the line in Cool Hand Luke. "You got to get your mind right Luke" Do you look at a piece of cake or pizza and say, "i can just LOOK at that and gain weight" You've got to change...   read more

The REAL day 15 - 193 lbs   12 y  
changing your life to what you want
Ordinary day, still losing a lb a day. But because am drinking more powdered green drink and cutting back a little on the live juice. As I get closer to my ideal weight, which is still about ...   visit the page

Day 14 - 194 lbs.   12 y  
looking good after 2 weeks.
Feeling light and lots of energy. Still losing 1 lb a day. Thought of the Day: I can go one more day. Can tell my face is getting slimmer, and stomach is losing fat. Last time i did t...   visit the page

Day 15   12 y  
thoughts on day 15.
Feeling light and good today. More energy than yesterday. Not much hunger feeling, think i'll do mostly water and green drink. I can make it till Saturday. Heh, starting to think i could...   visit the page

Quote of the DAy   12 y  
great quote of the day by TR himself
Almost forgot the quote of the day. “Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checked by failure...than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy m...   visit the page

Day 12 - 196 lbs.   12 y  
calm before the storm, big energy is supposed to kick in day 12-14.
Woo hoo, 196! Yesterday was an ordinary day too. Didn't feel as much energy. Maybe because it's the calm before the storm, of energy. ;-) Am not drinking a gallon of juice like many ju...   visit the page

Day 10 - 199 lbs.   12 y  
Just an ordinary day with a tip or two. Broke an important barrier.
Had to sneak in and see if i'd broken 200 as i thought i might've. Been losing a lb a day and YES, nice to be in the 190's, albeit high 190's. Had a real challenge night before last, acciden...   read more

More Tips for a Successful Juice Feast   12 y  
Wisdom thru the ages.
Juice is all there is. Solid food doesn't exist. 2nd Thoughts of the day: "Fools live to eat. Wise men eat to live." unknown guy long ago "Foo...   visit the page

Day 8 - 200 pounds   12 y  
Positive things happening and positive thoughts.
Weighed again today, lost another pound. Just wanted to see how yesterday went. Now i'll try to go several days before weighing again. Nice to see several pounds come off between sightings. ...   read more

Mistakes, Failures and a little cheat and SUCCESS   12 y  
Failing and Success. Mental tricks.
Thought i'd post again today. Helping others helps me to stay focused. I'm not perfect, pfffttt, i've blown as many fasts as those that i've succeeded in. But with failures comes wisdom i figu...   read more

Day 7- 201 lbs.   12 y  
How day 6 is going, plus a shift today.
Day 7 here. Woo hooo, October 1st, my favorite month. Decided to sneak in a weigh, 201 lbs. Losing a pound a day, on schedule. Every time i urinate, i am glad to see that milky yellow color...   read more

another Big tip   12 y  
one more tip
Oh, one more thing. Do ALL your days juicing at once, first thing in the morning. Allow yourself plenty of time to do this. Don't juice like 3 times a day. You'll get burned out. About the 18th day...   visit the page

How to be Successful at Juice Feasting   12 y  
tips for successful juice fast
Here were some tips i gave someone else... albertjohnson 1 Don't watch TV...too many commercials with food in them. 2 Hide everything in your kitchen that is food, only be able to see the t...   read more

Day 6   12 y  
Day 6, lessons learned.
Didn't explain a couple things so well. The molasses, blackstrap is best, is for potassium. The bee pollen gives one LOTS of amino acids. (we don't need no stinkin' protein) I accident...   visit the page

Day 5   12 y  
Day 5 of Juice Feast
:D~ )   read more


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Am doing a 20-30 day Juice Fast/Feast. Say Feast. If you say Fast to people they zone out. Feast gets them interested and intriqued. Intend to get to my ideal weight and clean spiriturally as well as internally.… more...

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