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FREE Solstice Healing Session!   10 y  
FREE WINTER SOLSTICE GROUP LONG DISTANCE BALANCING SESSION for OPENING THE DEEP HEART AND CONNECTING WITH NATURE set for the eve of and early morning hours of the 12/21/2012. Marilyn held similar group sessions for months for the healing of the Gulf after the oil spill in 2010. All one need do is sign up to receive email information, and set one's intention to participate. This does NOT interfere with anything else you may have planned for this same time. The group meets in Spirit, not in the flesh, so you can be anywhere and doing anything, including sleeping, and still benefit from the group session. All Marilyn asks for is that participants offer a prayer for the group, "either their own (in their own way) or the one provided by me." Winter Solstice 2012 Free Group Long Distance Seasons Balance Session by Marilyn Edwards Opening the Deep Heart and Connecting with Nature Sign Up Here: ”The Winter Solstice 2012 will soon be upon us. This date has been spoken about for many years. Many predictions have been made, some in fear, some in love. Personally I believe each Winter Solstice is an opportunity and gateway to re-balance ourselves and tune ourselves to Nature. I do be ...   read more

Oriental Art X 3   10 y  
More Eco Art with an Oriental theme
Eco Art: ”Oriental One” by mayah (c)2012 10” X 12” Eco Art: ”Oriental Two” by mayah (c)2012 10” X 12” Eco MaG: ”Oriental Three” by mayah (c)2012 approximately 6” X 4” The top two art pieces were made 4-5 years ago and were the first Eco Art pieces I made before I was even calling it that--they are very simple, derived from tissue paper, reused wrapping paper and packing material over a base of reused cardboard. Embellishments are reused fan blades from a broken wooden fan, an old coin, and a printout from the Internet (the dragon) taken off o ...   read more

Thankfulness   10 y  
A simple but powerful practice.
Sunday December 2, 2012 Today I went around the front, back, and side yards of my house, and touched or hugged, and thanked, every tree, bush, shrub, potted plant, the ivy, the bamboo, the grass, the stones and rocks, and the damp wet ground. I also did this with the sidewalk, driveway, and patio, the hoses and fences, the house, garage and windows, the cars, and the street light--they are human made, but their elements come from the Earth. And of course, I thanked the air, the water and the rain, the earth and the soil critters, the animals, the sun, the moon and the stars. Last but no ...   read more

Mandala Ornament   10 y  
We're on an Art Roll! More postings of Eco Art, one from an original watercolor
Eco Art "Mandala Ornament" by mayah (c)2012 In this Mandala, the elements of earth (rust color), nature (green color), water (blue forms), air (rainbow), fire (orange color), peace (peace sign on hand), balance (Yin/Yang sign on hand), rebirth (fetus in the water droplet) and the Sacred Feminine (snake over Eye) are represented.  Made from reused plastic jar lid, small print of original watercolor by mayah, string, nontoxic glues Eco Art "Spring in Fall" by mayah (c)2012 Made from reused materials: junk mail envelopes; wrapp ...   read more

Art:Butterfly Women   10 y  
Butterflies symbolize transformation and change. The dancing butterfly women represent, for me, the welcome changes that the Divine Feminine is bringing to the planet during the Energies of 2012. They dance in a primordial forest, in step with the rhythms of Great Mother Earth.
Eco Art ”Butterfly Women”(c)mayah 2012 (Unframed) 8” X 10” Original watercolor ”Summer Solstice Dance” (c)mayah 2010 Original watercolor ”Transformation” (c)mayah 2011 Eco Art ”Butterfly Women”(c)mayah 2012 (Framed) ”Eco Art by mayah” is made from recycled and earth friendlier art materials: Butterfly women: Small prints of my original watercolors cut out and mounted on reused cardboard for a 3-D effect. Reused materials: corrugated and other cardboard; background forest photo from old calendar; frame from Good Will Industries ...   read more

Art: Earth Forms   10 y  
More Eco Art from found objects in nature
Eco Art ”Earth Forms” by mayah (c)2012   ”Eco Art by mayah” utilizes reused materials and earth-friendlier art supplies: Found objects: seed pods, California oak acorn caps, feathers, dried persimmon blossom, twig. Reused materials: compostable food container, corrugated and other cardboard, magazine photo of hoodoos from AAA Westways magazine 2012, leather strips, bead necklace Other materials: nontoxic glues. ”A hoodoo (also called a tent rock, fairy chimney, and earth pyramid) is a tall, thin spire of rock that protrudes from the bottom of an arid drainage basin o ...   read more

Art:Window into Past/Present   10 y  
UPDATED: Ancient Native American dwellings in New Mexico evoke a deeper connection to Mother Earth. The Pueblo peoples were adept astronomers/astrologers*, and would have observed lunar and solar eclipses, such as the full solar eclipse on 11-13-2012.
”Window Into the Past Made Present” Eco Art by mayah (c)2012 ”Chaco Culture National Historical Park: For the American Indians who lived in this canyon a thousand years ago, (astronomy) was a way of life. These students of the skies carefully lined up their stone structures to match solar and lunar events, a feat that experts say took generations of close observation.”   ”The Center of the Ancient World: Today the massive buildings of the ancestral Pueblo peoples still testify to the ...   read more

Art:"Frog Nirvana"   10 y  
I'm entering these Eco MaGs in a mini-art contest. Just couldn't get enough of origami frogs!
“Frog Nirvana”: Set of three Eco MaGs by mayah (c)2012 Origami frogs/lotus flower handmade from reused junk mail; hand drawn lotus leaves from scrap paper.  Each frog is approximately 3/4” long and the lotus flower is about 3/8”; it was difficult to fold them that small! Other reused materials: advertising flier (blue background), corrugated cardboard filler, one 2.5” diameter metal jar lid and two 1.5” diameter metal bottle caps. Other materials: magnets, nontoxic glue, seed beads. ”Eco Art by mayah” is created from re ...   read more

Post Hurricane Prayer   10 y  
Prayer for those who have suffered loss of family, friends, homes, livelihoods, due to Hurricane Sandy
POST HURRICANE PRAYER: ”Source of all Life, soothe hearts aching with pain and loss. Source of Compassion, support all of those who are confused and bewildered in the wake of this powerful storm. Mysterious One, move within all of our hearts to help and support one another as we comfort and care for those who are in need. Source of Powers, heal all who desperately need a refuah shleimah, a full healing in body, heart, mind and spirit. Ana El Na, Refah Nah Lanu - Please loving Source, please heal us. AMAYN”   visit the page

Art:Amaryllis Blooms   10 y  
Took a photo and turned it into another Eco Art
Eco Art by mayah (c)2012 "Amaryllis Blooms"   "Eco Art by mayah" is made from reused and earth friendlier materials. This art is made from reused cardboard/corrugated cardboard, frame from Goodwill Industries; construction paper/photo paper; non toxic glue. Original photo by mayah: More Recent Eco Art: Whimsical Frogs: Japanese Tree of Life: Great Bear/Sky Spirits: http://curezon ...   read more

Jewish Eco-Prayer   10 y  
Sukkot, a seven day Jewish festival celebrating the harvest, is observed every year. On the seventh day of Sukkot (October 8 this year), Jews celebrated Simchat Torah, the completion of the annual cycle of weekly Torah readings. Rabbi Arthur Waskow interprets these holidays in modern terms of eco-Judaism.
Regarding Simchat Torah: ”Traditionally there are seven processions or dances with the Torah Scroll, each celebrated with a prayer for healing of the Earth. ’Hosha Na, Please save!’ say the prayers. (This chant enters English as ’Hosanna!’)   One of them ends, ’ Please save this planet, suspended in space!’  -- written long before anyone had seen or photographed the Earth, hanging indeed in space. Since there are many of these ’Hosannas,’ the seventh day of Sukkot is known as ’Hoshana Rabbah, the Great Save Us!’ ”Now, in the photograph above, we can actually see our E ...   read more

Art Heals Children   10 y  
The hardships of Africa's child soldiers is well-documented. Showing the more hopeful side of this story, Jeremy Cowart, artist and filmmaker, has partnered with Exile International and Composite Films to document the prolific use of art therapy for former child soldiers and war-affected children in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Janet - Painting Peace and Her Dreams Jeremy Cowart posted an announcement 2 days ago: ”Hey everyone – We are happy to post a piece of one of our stories for you to hear and sample. This is Janet. Such a humble person and wow what a powerful leader. This is just an inspirational piece of her story and how art has impacted her. We look forward to finishing her entire story integrated with all the other interviews we did.” Painting a Future of Peace Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo are said to be among the worst places in the world to be a child. Ou ...   read more

Art:Whimsical Frogs   10 y  
I was in a rather strange mood last night and had great fun making this art piece. I've done origami since I was a kid...and I LOVE FROGS! These little origami frogs make me laugh; don't ask why, I don't know!
Eco Art by mayah (c)2012    ”Chorus* of Frogs”     ”Eco Art by mayah” is made from recycled and earth friendlier art materials. This art piece is made from reused materials: photos from magazine and merchandising catalogs, cardboard and other paper products; gold chocolate bar wrapper; faux bamboo frame from Goodwill Industries. One sheet of art paper. Nontoxic glue. 1/2 inch origami frogs hand made by mayah from reused business envelope and seed beads (eyes). Odd numbers are used in this art piece:  One Buddha statue and seven frogs. The frog in the upper lef ...   read more

Art:Great Bear/Sky Spirits   10 y  
Stayed up all night making this shamanic art: Bear is a power animal. The Utah red rocks contain the power of the elements.
Eco Art by mayah (c)2012 "Sky Spirits"   Eco Art by mayah (c)2012 "Great Bear" Eco Art by mayah is made from recycled and earth friendlier art materials. Both of these art pieces are made from reused materials: greeting cards, magazine photos, merchandising catalogs, cardboard, and other paper products; found feathers; frames from Goodwill Industries. Nontoxic glue.   Bear Meanings from Native North American Views "As a Native American symbol, th ...   read more

Nature Encounters   10 y  
I've had several close encounters with nature in the past week. I enjoy walking at the El Dorado Park Nature Center in Long Beach, a 105 acre oasis in the middle of a large suburban area. I hadn't been there all summer and just last week started walking there again.
Matilija Poppy | Flickr - Photo Sharing: photo by dianejp 9/5/2010 One of my favorite places at the Nature Center is a little trail that offshoots the main trail next to one of the small back lakes; I often head there to sit at the bench and observe the wildlife. In spring time, when the native plants are blooming—mostly Matilija Poppy and purple sage, this spot is virtually buzzing with insects of all kinds. Bees, bumbles, flies, moths, and butterflies dart among the flowers and chase each other, and in turn are cha ...   read more

Song:Shallow Waters   10 y  
First Nations 10 year old Ta'Kaiya Blaney co-wrote this heartfelt song with her teacher after learning of the threat to the environment by the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline that would run through British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest.
  posted 2011 " 10 year old Ta’Kaiya Blaney is Sliammon First Nation from B.C., Canada. Along with singing, songwriting, and acting, she is concerned about the environment, especially the preservation of marine and coastal wildlife. Shallow Waters was a semi-finalist in the 2010 David Suzuki Songwriting Contest, Playlist for the Planet. The song was recorded in studio by Audio Producer Joe Cruz. Footage from Vancouver, BC was filmed by Colter Ripley. Footage of the traditional ocean-going canoe from the Squamish Nation (Burrard Inlet, North Vancouver, BC) ...   read more

Art:Bottle Cap House!   10 y  
Russian Woman uses 30,000 bottle plastic bottle caps to decorate her home!
Russian Pensioner Uses 30,000 Bottle Caps to Decorate Her House by Ieva on Sep 20, 2012 • 3:35 pm If you just so happen to have 30 000 spare bottle caps and lack ideas of how to utilize them, check out what one Russian pensioner did. In the midst of Russian Taiga, a secluded Karmarchaga village now has a house, fully covered in colored bottle caps. The pensioner kept collecting the caps over the years, till she had enough to cover all the walls outside. The woman hammered all the  30,000 ...   read more

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