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"Doodle" Art   9 y  
Done late at night, "doodle" art is meditative and relaxing
“Neuron” pen and ink by mayah ©2013 “Chromosome” pen and ink by mayah ©2013 These are examples of what I call “Doodle Art”. I like to create these late at night; I get into bed and prop myself up with pillows. I take a plain white sheet of 11 X 8.5” paper and place it on a notebook in my lap. I draw using a regular blue or black ball point pen. I have no concept of what I’m going to draw before I’ve drawn it. After the drawings are complete, I look at them and the first word(s) that pop into my head is what I name them. “Neuron” wasn’t named until two days after I d ...   read more

Poem:"Speak to Me of God"   9 y  
Poetry of a Spiritual nature
Speak to Me of God   “Speak to me of God,” the child said. I took her to the mirror. “Look there,” I said. “That is the Face of the Divine.”   “Speak to me of God,” the child said. I took her outside to Earth. “Touch here,” I said. “This is the Body of the Divine.”   “Speak to me of God,” the child said. I pointed out Bird flying overhead. “Watch there,” I said. “Those are the Wings of the Divine.”   “Speak to me of God,” the child said. I showed her Horse running. “See there,” I said. “Those ar ...   read more

Art: Mixed Media Greeting Card   9 y  
Greeting Card handmade from paper scraps.
Handmade Mixed Media Greeting Card art by mayah (c)2013 5.5" X 7" Handmade envelope out of waxed paper by mayah (c)2013; button and thread closure. This card was simple to make but took a looooong time! The design was made from a scrap piece of waxed paper with scraps of tissue paper glued on randomly--that took minutes to make. The time-consuming part was sewing the gold embroidery thread around it by hand--hours! Now I know why people machine stitch designs! The design was glued onto layers of paper to make the card. Then I had to figure out how to make an env ...   read more

Art:Year of the Snake 2013   9 y  
New mixed media art using paper products and fabric
“Year of the Snake” 5” X 7”  Photo/Mixed media collage by mayah ©2013 The idea for this collage came from the 2013 United Nations postal stamp “Year of the Snake 2013”—you can see the postal design on the snake’s head in my collage: I made this mixed media collage using silk fabric scraps, cut outs from UN postal stamp and travel brochures, a candy bar wrapper, cardboard and other scrap paper products. The &ldqu ...   read more

Magnificent Art!   9 y  
I fell in love with this poem and art by Roxanne Swentzell. Her work is shown in the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe New Mexico. The sculpture is HUGE and beautiful; the photos give just a glimpse of its presence and feel.
”That Way” ”Emergence” Side View ”Emergence” Front view TOP: The bronze sculpture ”That Way” is a portion of the larger sculpture ”Emergence” by Roxanne Swentzell, which is shown in the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The main sculpture is a gift to the museum from Seymour Merrin and Helene Singer.     All photos above from: Roxanne Swentzell Tower Gallery The poem (below) is posted underneath the sculpture at the MIAC and speaks to its meaning: ...   read more

Art: Love is Everything!   9 y  
Fun and easy mixed media greeting card art using paper and fabric scraps; great for kids and "inner children"!
Greeting Card 6” X 4.5” ”Love is Everything” mixed media by mayah (c)2013   Greeting Card 6” X 4.5” ”Sing!” mixed media by mayah (c)2013   A family member is an artist; she wiped her brushes on paper towels and I saved the towels, thinking I would make art out of it someday. I took the paper towels and cut them up and hand stitched two pieces together for each card, using a running stitch with embroidery floss, then went along the edges. I made the heart and bird out of fabric scraps fused onto paper and then fused them onto the paper towel backgrounds. Fused the ...   read more

The Sacred Feminine   9 y  
The late Russell Means and his wife Pearl Means discussing gender roles/feminine power/relationships within their indigenous community "Before his untimely passing last year, the legendary Russell Means agreed to meet with us for what would turn out to be one of his last interviews. Russell and his wife Pearl Means discussing the importance of gender roles in indigenous societies. When we were filming this, I think everyone in the room was dumbfounded by the simple truths shared by this power couple. The respect for the Sacred Feminine (and women in general) in indigenous cultures is a stark contrast to what we se ...   read more

Birds-of-Paradise   9 y  
Video of exotic Birds-of-Paradise from New Guinea from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Geographic: diverse strategies of evolution at work and one of nature's extraordinary wonders.
ForbiddenKnowledgeTV Alexandra Bruce March 19, 2013 The secluded Equatorial rainforests of Papua New Guinea are home to the largest population "Birds of Paradise" in the world - an abundance of bird species whose wildly varied plumage and bizarre mating antics are more "speciated" and extreme than anywhere else on Earth - likely, because the rainforests in New Guinea and on some of the surrounding islands are home to the oldest rainforest ecosystems on the planet. These birds of paradise have had a long time to get their acts together!&nb ...   read more

Funny! LOL   9 y  
Instant messaging gives new meaning to LOL
I heard this great true story on the radio from a dad who got instant messages from his 13 year old son; many of the messages from his son ended with LOL. Dad started using LOL whenever he instant messaged family and friends. Once, when he heard his sister was getting a divorce, Dad shot her off an instant message that said ”we’re all supporting you sis! LOL” One day Dad was coming home from a trip out of town and messaged his son that he was on his way home from the airport; Dad ended the message with ”LOL” His son messaged him back and said, ”Dad, you do know what LOL means, don’ ...   read more

Photos: Spring in Winter   9 y  
I haven't paid much attention to my backyard recently as it has been very cold lately. The past few days have brought an unseasonal 70+ degrees during the day to this Southern California area.
Venturing outside today, I was startled by this large visitor on one of my potted epiphyllum cactus. From the size of him, the grasshopper must be an elder. This Hen’s nest potted succulent has been in bloom for some time now, and a second plant is just budding. This is unusual, as the last time one of these succulents bloomed was five years ago. They bloom, if at all, in the winter. We have had a lot of rain for our area this winter; the extra moisture may account for it. The scientific name for this plant is Aeonium gomerense; it is native to the Canary I ...   read more

Poem: You are Unique!   9 y  
Self Channeling with Spirit
You are Unique     Inside your body is mostly EMPTY space; the subatomic particles within the atoms within the molecules within your cells are in constant motion. In between each moving particle is a vastness of space. Inside an atom, the vastness of space is equal to the vastness of space in your galaxy. Each atom of your molecule of your cell of your body is a microcosm of the Universe of Creation. You are a Universe unto yourself, with myriad “planetoids” within you, and space, and part ...   read more

MORE Kryon: The NEXT 18 Years   9 y  
MORE KRYON predictions for the next 18 years. Kryon is a group feminine energy channeled by Lee Carroll. This is the companion channeling to the one posted on 12-21-2012, focusing on energetic changes and world events for the next 18 years. The Next 18 Years --click on the link above for audio channeling of Kryon through Lee Carroll. left click on large button saying "MP3 Download" to listen to the 40 minute channeling. Review: --1987 Harmonic Convergence sets the stage for illumination of the planet --1994 begins a 36 year window called the Precession of the Equinoxes--for the first 18 years, until 2012, our sun slowly moved towards alignment with the center of the galaxy (Galactic Alignment); for the next 18 years, our sun sl ...   read more

New Year's Message of Peace   9 y  
Self-channeling with Spirit: Spirit tells me that in order to have peace in the world, we must start with peace in our own hearts and in our own homes.
New Year’s Message 2013: Peace in the Middle East   A family member and I often find ourselves at odds over world politics. We disagree vehemently over Middle Eastern politics, particularly regarding the ongoing conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. I am usually “left of center” politically while Family Member (“FM” for short) is “right of center”.   Our disagreements have become very irritating for me, and I’m sure for Family Member.     In my home, I pray often for “peace in the Middl ...   read more

Math Puzzle   10 y  
A math puzzle with solution of simple geometry
I heard this on the radio: Parent A bakes a rectangular brownie cake for the family’s twins who are having a birthday, and then sets the cake to cool. Parent B comes along and can not resist cutting a small piece out of the brownie cake. Parent B does not like the cake edges and so cuts a small rectangular piece of brownie out of the cake in a random spot. Parent A comes by and after getting irritated with Parent B, sets to work to figure out how to cut the brownie cake in two so that each twin gets the same amount of cake. Parent A figures it out and using ONE STRAIGHT LINE cuts th ...   read more

Water Spirit Doll   10 y  
My spiritual mentor was inspired to create a healing doll for me; my doll is a Water Spirit doll.
Elder and shamanic practitioner LFIRE, my spiritual mentor, received a healing doll from a friend of hers; she was given the task of naming the doll and did so during a naming ceremony.** In many shamanic and indigenous traditions, to ritually name someone or something is to imbue that person or thing with the power and the meaning of that name. After receiving and naming her healing doll, LFIRE received inspiration to create a healing doll for me. My doll was to be a Water Spirit doll. LFIRE cut out the doll pattern from the fabric and gathered the ribbon, pearls, threads, and the rhi ...   read more

FREE Film: Shift of the Ages   10 y  
HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE (OR SUMMER, IF YOU ARE SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR) EVERYONE! The Shift of the Ages film is a true and authentic story of the Maya, the Mayan Calendar, 2012 and the turbulent times in which we are living. Internet film free to view through January 15, 2013. Donations to support the filmmakers and distribution as you are able.
VIEW THE MOVIE: "The Shift of the Ages is a dramatic documentary film that reveals the story of the Mayan culture and its sophisticated prophecies of time, as told for the first time by the Grand Elder of the Mayan people, Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj. Commissioned on behalf of the Maya nation, the Shift of the Ages is the first official discourse to the world from the Mayan Council of Elders, intended to dispel misconceptions and replace them with the positive story about this incredible period of ...   read more

Kryon:12-21-2012   10 y  
Kryon is a group feminine energy channeled by Lee Carroll since 1989. This is the last Kryon channeling for 2012, and gives a very positive outlook on the shifting energies that WE ARE ALREADY IN THE MIDST OF. The channeling focuses on 12-21-2012, the upcoming Winter Solstice and the end of the Mayan calendar.
 December 8, 2012 ”TIME TO SAY GOOD-BYE” The Last 18 years  --click on the link above for audio channeling of Kryon through Lee Carroll. left click on large button saying ”MP3 Download” to listen to the 34 minute channeling. Synopsis: 1987 Harmonic Convergence sets the stage for illumination of the planet 1994 begins a 36 year window called the Precession of the Equinoxes--for the first 18 years, our sun slowly moves towards alignment with the center of the galaxy (Mayah’s Note: Galactic Alignment--in ...   read more

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