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Art:Spirit Masks   13 y  
Stayed up all night creating this--when doing art, there is no sense of time passing.
Spirit Masks Re-looking at these, didn’t realize they were masks of the Four elements! The designs on the masks were spontaneously painted Top Left: Earth(geometric shapes representing ...   read more

Orange:The color of Summer   13 y  
A friend gave me some homegrown organic tomatos today--the variety of orange shades of color makes them almost too good to eat!
The various shades of orange in these homegrown organic tomatos creates an artist’s palette of color! photo by Mayah 7-21-2009 The colors of the tomatos reminded me of this doodle art...   read more

Photos:Backyard Dawn   13 y  
Was up all night posting stuff on the 'Net and reading. Looked up from the computer and welcomed the dawn! Back Yard Dawn 7-20-2009 Back Yard Dawn Spider Web 7-20-2009 both ...   read more

Art:Cherry Blossoms   13 y  
Posting more art from tissue paper/cardboard
Cherry Blossoms Ink on Watercolor wash 14” X 12” Created by Mayah 12-2008 Cherry Blossoms 3D Created using the same pattern as the drawing above, individually hand-craft...   read more

God is NOT Sexist   13 y  
The words of God do not justify cruelty to women: Discrimination and abuse wrongly backed by religious doctrine are damaging society, argues former US president Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter The Observer, Sunday 12 July 2009 Article history: "Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as r...   read more

Hummingbird Babies Died   13 y  
Sadly, this afternoon I found that both of the hummingbird babies in my back yard have died. I buried them along with their nest in my back yard.
I buried this empty with the babies I didn’t check on the hummingbird babies in their back yard nest every day as I didn’t want to disturb the mother, but every few days or so I looked and whe...   read more

Urban St. Francis of Assisi   13 y  
DVD review: The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill is a documentary created by Judy Irving that tells the true story of Mark Bittner, called an urban St. Francis of Assisi, and his wondrous relationship with a flock of wild parrots in San Francisco.
Photo by Mark Bittner Photo from: The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, the movie: Bittner was a homeless street musician and wanderer se...   read more

Photos:Hummingbird Babies   13 y  
Two hummingbird babies hatched in the nest in my backyard.
When they hatch, hummingbird babies are tiny, shiny, black, and have no feathers. They have tiny blunted beaks and their closed eyes bulge out.   read more

Art From Nature/Biodegradable Containers   13 y  
Fun craft projects for children and "inner children" made from biodegradable food containers.
Seed Tray Feather Tray Jewelry Box Jewelry Box Interior All art by Mayah, June 2009 I went to the Summer Solstice Live H2O ev...   read more

Plant Spirit Encounters   13 y  
Slowly, I am learning how to work with plant spirits. I have made three plant spirit allies so far.
I have written before about the healing work I am doing with a plant spirit medicine practitioner. A few months ago I asked her if it would be possible for her to teach me to become a practitioner ...   read more

Photo:Solstice Bird Nest   13 y  
Happy Summer Solstice! Photo
For the past two days, a hummingbird kept buzzing me whenever I went out onto my backyard patio. Figuring there was a nest nearby, wearing my glasses, I looked but couldn’t find it. ...   read more

What is Ayahuasca, Really?   13 y  
Ayahuasca is a sacred medicinal plant used by peoples of the Amazon rainforest. Ayahuasaca adherents say that the spirit medicine of the plant purges the body so we can be who we Really Are: Spirit Beings in Human Form.
What is Ayahuasca...Really...? By Meghan Shannon The eternal question with an ever-evolving answer. Here is as much as I understand it as of May 12, 2009. Ayah...   read more

Poem:Spiritual Conspiracy   13 y  
We look at the daily news and see "doom and gloom", yet there is a quiet, inner spiritual revolution taking place within us as individuals. This beautiful poem appeared in my email today; wanted to pass it on. Blessings!
A SPIRITUAL CONSPIRACY On the surface of the world right now there is war and violence and things seem dark. But calmly and quietly, at the same time, something else is happening ...   read more

Love & Joy   13 y  
Rod MacIver writes of Love and Joy in his online e-newsletter, A Pause for Beauty
I suspect that the morose and fearful are doomed to    quick extinction. Where there is no joy there can be no    courage; and without courage all other virtues are us...   read more

Dance of Life   13 y  
Visioning to the drum beat. This was written afterwards to record the experience. I want to do an art piece to go with this.
Dance of Life “I have no equipment,” White Woman speaks. The brown-skinned women dance, stomping their feet into the ground. Their breasts and hips and bellies tremble, swa...   read more

Book:The Fledgling   13 y  
The Fledgling is a children's fiction about a young girl's magical connection to nature that honors the life, works, and nature philosophy of Thoreau.
I recently finished reading the children's Newberry Honor Book by Jane Langton The Fledgling, first published in 1980. It is a very unusual book; although written with the readership of chi...   read more

Photos:Signs of Spring   13 y  
Photos of insects from my front yard--Grasshopper & Butterfly
Gray Bird Grasshopper Correction: The butterfly is a Western Tiger Swallowtail, not a Yellowtail as I originally thought. Both Photos by Mayah April 2009   read more

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