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Eco Art: Summer of 2018   4 y  
It has been HOT here in S. California; last week it reached 115F, breaking all records. So, here's an art piece reflecting the sun's heat.
// // Eco Art by mayah (c)2018 ”Summer 2018” 5” X 7” framed Made from reused paint pallet (unbleached wax paper), hand embroidery. Background paper painted by LFIRE of ”Dreaming a New Reality” blog ( ) This piece of art looks rather simple, yet it takes a long time to hand embroider around each paint blob. SIMILAR BLOGS: Eco Art: String Theory: ...   read more

EcoArt: "String Theory"   4 y  
I've been watching a number of YouTube videos and listening to Kryon channelings by Lee Carroll* regarding "new physics". This art project is a result; the title is rather "tongue in cheek" reflecting my own quirky sense of humor.
// Eco Art ”String Theory” by mayah(c)2018 9” X 7” Reused materials: paint palette, light bulb packaging, scrap paper, old jewelry, thrift store frame; hand embroidery *Lee Carroll channels Kryon, a benevolent group energy. for more information go to the website: LISTEN to the Kryon channeling ”Physics in the Next 500 Years” from 2014: READ the Kryon channeling ”Physics in the Next 500 Years” from 20 ...   read more

EcoArt:Measure of the Soul   4 y  
Small Eco Art piece using recycled materials
”Taking the Measure of One’s Soul” Eco Art by mayah (c)2018 // 10.5 X 8.5 framed Made from recycled materials: green junk mail envelope,plastic ruler, ribbon scrap, used paint palette, cardboard packing material, cardboard backing; hand embroidery. Thrift store frame. Similar Blogs: MORE Eco Cards for Spring: Eco Art: Beingness Eco Art:Spiral Eco Art: ...   read more

MORE Eco Cards for Spring   4 y  
Making more hand made greeting cards out of junk/recycled paper products
Magazine advertisement of tulips Eco Art Card for Spring 01 by mayah(c)2018 Took the magazine ad (above), cut out the tulips, glued them onto a piece of reused paint palette,then onto a scrap piece of orange art paper; white card stock paper in the background. I like how the original magazine tulips ”transformed” after they were outlined with black ink pen, to look almost like they were painted. Eco Art Card for Spring 02 by mayah(c)2018 Reused calendar picture of lizards;reused piece of plastic netting from fruit packaging; green paper from junk mail envelope; R ...   read more

Eco Art:Beingness   4 y  
I am procrastinating working on a larger art work, as it is giving me trouble, so I'm focusing on smaller art projects for now.
”The State of Our Beingness” Eco Art by mayah(c)2018 10” x 8” The background paper was hand painted and gifted to me by LFIRE of ”Dreaming a New Reality”.* The photos are from magazines; Hand embroidery. Detail of embroidery The hand embroidery took a loooooong time to do as the stitches are very small, yet I find this to be very relaxing. Used three different shades of embroidery floss all at once to create the right color to match the paint on the background paper. *Dreaming a New Reality by LFIRE: Recent Blogs: Ec ...   read more

Eco Art: Spiral   4 y  
I've been working on a larger art piece but it's been going slowly. Took a break from working on it and made this smaller piece below:
”Spiral” Eco Art by mayah(c)2018 6” X 6” This was fun to do. It’s a greeting card mounted onto an old parquet floor tile found in the garage. The greeting card has gone through three metamorphosis: Originally, the card was made from a piece of napkin stained with excess paint from another art project. On top was a magazine photo of a spiral staircase, with machine embroidery added. I sent the card to a friend who altered it by removing the magazine photo and replacing that with a white cut-out spiral; she sent the card back to me. Then I removed the white cut-out and replaced it ...   read more

Eco Art:Tiger Spirit/Electronica   4 y  
Another Eco Art Card and one Eco MaG made of reused materials
Eco Card ”Tiger Spirit” by mayah(c)2018. print of original ”Tiger Spirit” drawing by mayah; RHIMAX paper; white paper scrap; hand embroidery. RHIMAX: ”Rhimax is our durable, multipurpose paper that is made from 100% post-consumer waste paper... it is 100% biodegradable” Electronica Eco MaG by mayah(c)2018 Made from broken Zenith TV remote. I bought the Zenith TV 17 years ago. The old TV now sits in the living room, hooked up to an equally old DVD player. Was able to find a refurbished remote online as they’re not made anymore; ...   read more

Spring Eco Cards   4 y  
Having fun making flowered greeting cards for Spring! Interior of cards Eco Art greeting cards by mayah(c)2018 All of these cards are made of RHIMAX, a 100% recycled paper product. Photos are from ”The Whole Seed Catalog from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds 2018” that was gifted to me by Your Enchanted Gardener of Plant Your Dream curezone fame ( ) Hand embroidery. Eco MaG by mayah(c)2018 made of recycled cardboard; photos from the Whole Seed Catalog; hand embroidery; magnet backing ...   read more

Eco Art: Happy Spring!   4 y  
"Happy Spring Equinox and happy first day of Spring! Today (March 20, 2018) the length of night and day are nearly equal. The days will now become longer at the higher latitudes because it takes the sun longer to rise and set."
”Spring Equinox” Eco Art by mayah(c)2018 ”Wave” Eco Art by mayah(c)2018 Both cards made with old blue envelopes I found in my art supplies. Magazine photos, scrap of art paper, found feathers, hand embroidery added. Vernal Equinox Satellite photos: RECENT BLOGS: Eco Art: Recycled X 3 Eco Art: Squirrel’s Delight: Acrylic Pour Cards: Burlap Madn ...   read more

Eco Art Recycled X 3   4 y  
Every now and then I take apart an old piece of Eco Art and make something new with it.
This art piece has gone through several transformations. Originally, the flowers were from an advertisement--you can see here magazine advertisement flowers, in 3 separate segments. I cut them out, glued them onto cardboard, layered the 3 images over each other, and then glued them onto a cardboard backing and made a refrigerator magnet out of them (I don’t have a photo of the original magnet--lost somewhere on some old computer?) I was surprised to find the same flower photos used in a magazine advertisement a few weeks ago--I cut them out and you see them here. The original ad w ...   read more

Eco Art: Squirrel's Delight   4 y  
Did this fun little project today!
Eco Art by mayah(c)2018 ”Squirrel’s Delight” 7.5” X 9” This art project started out with the little picture of the squirrel cut from my current month of February 2018 calendar. I thought she was so cute, with her gaze right into the camera lens, that I couldn’t wait for the year to expire before using her picture in an art project. Yesterday I went to my local thrift store and found this great frame. It’s heavy, made out of resin, with designs of leaves and stems and seed pods; I thought that it would be great to display some of the seed pods I’ve collected from around the neighb ...   read more

EcoArt:Acrylic Pour Cards   4 y  
Handmade greeting cards Friend and fellow artist LFIRE gifted me with a handmade sheet of acrylic ”pour”; to me, the paint crackles and colors swirling about each other remind me of the ocean, sea anenomes and jellies. Magazine images of coral and coral fish were added to the first card. The patterns on the second card looked so beautiful I didn’t add anything else to it. Background paper is RHIMAX, a 100% recycled paper product. Below: This little card is made of dri ...   read more

Eco Art: Burlap Madness Continues!   4 y  
MORE Eco Art using burlap paper
Continuing to make art using burlap paper in the background. Dried bougainvillea flower, piece of paint palette, hand embroidery Last of the burlap art that fits inside little 7” X 5” wooden frames This greeting card using burlap paper is 5.5” X 5.5” The fishes and sea turtle are magazine photos; the multi-colored paper was handmade by LFIRE using an acrylic pour technique (”Dreaming a New Reality” blog ) and gifted to me; hand embroidery All Eco Art and photos by mayah(c)2018 2018 BLOGS: Eco Art: Burlap ...   read more

EcoArt: Burlap Madness   4 y  
Collage art with burlap paper
Cleaning up my art area, found a packet of burlap paper I’d bought many years ago. Been having fun making little collages out of magazine pictures, reused pieces of paint palette, and embellished with hand embroidery. All framed pieces are 7” X 5”; frames were found at a local thrift store: I’ve posted this photo before ( ); liked the burlap so much, I created two more! forgot to scan this one before framing; Found feathers added This little brass frame is only 2.75” X 2.25”. Put in a small photo of a buffalo from a m ...   read more

EcoArt: Unfinished is Finished!   4 y  
Found this unfinished piece of art work from a few years ago--decided to keep it as is and just frame it
I recently found this piece of art work from 2014 hidden under a bunch of stuff on my art table. It was sitting inside a cardboard container with skeins of embroidery floss. I’d intended to make more embroidered flowers on it but never got around to it. Looking at it, the decision was made to leave it as is. Glued it onto a scrap piece of off white art paper, and used the piece of cardboard packaging it had been sitting in for a ”frame”; added a braided jute hanger. Done! Made from a napkin that a family member had used to wipe her paint brushes on. Glued it onto a piece of unbleac ...   read more

EcoArt from Beeswax   4 y  
A little art project from beeswax and recycled materials
A number of years ago, my friend from ”Plant Your Dream” blog,* Your Enchanted Gardener, gave me some candles made from organic beeswax. Along with the gift came a small chunk of natural beeswax, as seen above. Because it is old, it’s starting to crumble and deteriorate. If you look closely, you can see the tiny hexagons that comprise the wax. I recently found this little photo of a bee in an old calendar; it inspired me to make an art piece using a small wooden ”frame” that I’d been given by another friend, LFIRE from ”Dreaming a New Reality” blog.** She’d given me an old 4.5” ...   read more

Eco Art: Cards and Placards   4 y  
Making art daily, small projects such as greeting cards and placards from recycled materials
Every year the real estate agents come around my neighborhood and deliver door-to-door note pads with their advertisements on them. The note paper is used for making shopping and ”to do” lists. When the paper is used up, the cardboard backing is saved to use for art. The 8.5” X 3.5” placards below are the result; they are just the right size to fit into a regular business-sized envelope for mailing: Placard ”Water” front; cardboard covered with reused bubble wrap; word and photo from a magazine advertisement;hand embroidery around the edges ”Water” back cardboard cover ...   read more

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