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EcoArt: Books of Red   21 mon  
REVISED: more "red stuff" added---Confined to the house here in Southern California...doing lots of art. Unable to sleep, it helps pass the night. I can listen to the radio and hear the latest news updates while working on art, and it prevents me from going into panic mode.
I wanted to cheer myself up by using my favorite color, red, in this latest Eco Art. Going through my piles of magazine clippings and junk mail, I gathered images and pieces that had red in them; I had a LOT of saved Netflix envelopes (...yeah, I still get the DVD’s rather than streaming movies as I’ve got an old TV set--no HD--and an old DVD/VHS player). There was so much collected that after the first Book of Red was completed, I made eight more art pieces and finally used up the red colored ”stuff”! ”The Little Book of Red” Eco Art by mayah(c)2020 Recycled magazine ima ...   read more

Spring Equinox 2020   21 mon  
In these times of stress and uncertainty, I am gladdened by the coming of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. May we all find renewed hope. Spring Equinox Greeting cards. Eco Art by mayah(c)2020 made from recycled/reused materials   read more

EcoArt: Fractured Collage   22 mon  
Eco Art made from leftover materials from other art projects
”Fractured Collage” Eco Art by mayah(2020) approximately 11” X 9” This art is made out of scraps left over from making other collages*, and glued onto art paper backing, then enhanced with hand sewn yarn around the shapes. Previously, I’d purchased 6 large skeins of yarn to use for another art project**, and have been trying to figure out how to use the large amount of leftover, you’ll be seeing A LOT of yard used in new Eco Art projects! *”First Art of the New Year” ** ”Heart of the Matter” https://www.curezon ...   read more

Art: Heart of the Matter   22 mon  
Large mixed media canvas took years to complete
”The Heart of the Matter”, 36” x 24” Mixed media art by mayah(c)2020 This mixed media painting was started in 2017 when I took an abstract art class. It was painted very quickly, and a plastic ”comb” run through the paint before it dried to form the various patterns. I knew it needed a little something else. When I came across the heart in a magazine supplement advertisement, I thought the colors of the image would go well with the colors of the painting. The variously colored ”dashes” are all hand sewn using yarn; each hole had to be poked into the canvas by hand using a thic ...   read more

Eco Art "Grapes of Wrath"   23 mon  
Playing around with a large canvas, altered a painting into a "mixed media" work of art. "What Is Mixed Media? Mixed media art involves mixing different creative mediums to create work that incorporates two or more art forms. For example, you can add sculpture to your painting, or draw on top of photography prints. Mixed media is all about breaking the boundaries between different art forms." In Eco Art, I like to incorporate throw-away items that others would call "junk". When I was a kid, we called mixed media "arts and crafts".
”Grapes of Wrath” by mayah(c)2017, acrylic on canvas 30” X 30” I took an abstract art class in 2017 and this art was the result. Don’t get me wrong, I like abstract art but to me I had fun slathering on the paint slap-dash and that was about it. I named it ”Grapes of Wrath”, meant to be tongue-in-cheek, because of the grape shapes created by using a stencil. After taking the painting home, I thought ”it needs something else...” then put it away for a couple of years. ”Grapes of Wrath” by mayah(c)2020 Mixed media, revised 30” X 30 In 2019 I added the rectangular piece ...   read more

Eco Art: Numbrix 01   23 mon  
I subscribe to the Sunday L.A Times, and enjoy doing the number puzzles like Sudoku and Numbrix. A recent Numbrix puzzle inspired this art piece.
After doing this Numbrix puzzle, I drew a red line through the numbers 1-81 to see what kind of pattern they formed. Inspired, the art piece was created following the same pattern.** Eco Art by mayah(c)2020 ”Numbrix 01” 14” x 11” My friend and fellow artist LFIRE gave me a package of plastic grid sheets; I’ve had it for quite some time and didn’t know what to do with it, until the idea for this art piece popped into my head. It’s made out of one sheet of the plastic mesh, dark grey embroidery floss threaded through the holes to create the 9 x 9 background grid, and red ribbo ...   read more

First Art of the New Year 2020   23 mon  
Every year, my friend and fellow artist LFIRE sends me several of her original collages with explicit instructions for me to cut them up and make new art out of them.
12” x 9” The background collage is LFIRE’s original. The two flowers were cut out of another LFIRE collage, hand embroidered around the edges, and added on. I liked the original LFIRE collage so much the only thing done to alter it was adding hand embroidery around the edges of the shapes, and then adding on the dried flower petals. A bit of detail to see the dried flower/embroidery This last LFIRE collage I call ”ANCESTOR” as I had a visceral reaction when first viewing the face in the middle. I added on some elements to the original LFIRE collage: two metal ke ...   read more

EcoArt:HAPPY HOLIDAYS!   24 mon  
Every year, my friend and fellow artist LFIRE sends me wonderful artwork for my Holiday gifts. This year she gifted me with a large altered book with each page meticulously collaged,two accordion art books, a handmade greeting card, and a huge dried leaf. The package also included several of LFIRE's original 12" x 9" collages with explicit instructions for me to cut them up and use them to make art of my own.
”HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND MERRY CHANUKAH!” Joint collage by LFIRE and Eco Art by mayah(c)2019 made from recycled materials. 11” x 14” framed. This was really fun to make--I stayed up until after 3 in the morning today working on it, with no idea of the time! This collage is made up of two of LFIRE’s original collages that she sent me. I liked the left hand side of one collage, and added elements of the second collage onto the right-hand side. Then the hummingbird image (from junk mail), buttons, paper mesh in the right upper corner (given to me by LFIRE), and a few beads were added ...   read more

Eco Art: Book of Animals   24 mon  
This is the first time I've made a cloth art book.
This project started out as an experiment. I had a piece of old white cotton sheet I’d been using for a rag; it had paint and glue on it from wiping my brushes. Wanting to see how dying it with tea would come out, boiling black tea was poured over the cotton rag in a metal pan, and left to soak for a few hours. Very pleased with the results, after the rag dried I tore it into pieces. Looking at the pieces, inspiration struck to use them as pages of a book. The pieces were not all of the same size, so some were folded up to make ”pockets”. The pieces were hand sewn together using embro ...   read more

EcoArt Just for Fun   25 mon  
Just a little fun making two small Eco Art pieces late at night
Eco Art by mayah(c)2019 Hummingbirds X2 9” x 7” Framed 4” X 6” postcard made from scrap cardboard, magazine and junk mail images, paint and ink pens, non-VOC acrylic glaze. This started out with the frame--it’s a handmade wooden frame I found in my local thrift store. After I measured the opening, I thought that a postcard would fit nicely inside. As I’ve done with previous postcards, I collaged the background from magazine images. The hummingbird image, from junk mail, was altered with paint and ink pens,then glued down on the right side; the left wing ”sticks out” from the back ...   read more

Doodle Art: "Leaves and Fire"   25 mon  
I learned to do "doodle art" as a technique of art therapy during a seminar I took. It's very relaxing and keeps one's mind off of one's worries. I keep a drawing pad by my bed, and create "doodle art" whenever I can't sleep. I also create "doodle art" when listening to healing/meditation downloads that I've heard many times previously--it keeps my conscious mind occupied and free from boredom while the creative, unconscious mind is free to come forth. I start out with my eyes closed, a pencil on the paper, and draw free-hand whatever comes to mind, then open my eyes and go over the lines with black ink pen. I usually add colored ink pens or pencils, but I left these black and white.
”Fire and Leaves” Doodle Art by mayah(c)2019 I started out this drawing with no particular thought in my head, merely touching the pencil to paper with my eyes closed. It wasn’t until I’d completed the drawing that I realized the forms were similar to both leaves and flames. This probably ”came out” of my subconscious mind from my concern for those in California who have been coping with fire conditions throughout the state. ”Web” Doodle Art by mayah(c)2019 I’ve been fascinated by a large garden spider in my back yard, who continues to reform her web after each destruction ...   read more

Eco Art: Odds and Ends   25 mon  
Eco MaGs, and one Eco Art from "left over" pieces of "stuff" lying around on my art table. What's an Eco MaG? A mini-art work with a magnet backing so it can hang on the 'frig.
Eco MaGs by mayah(c)2019 ”Flowers”, each 2” square mini-canvases, acrylic paint, magazine catalog flower images* backed with Rhimax**, non-VOC acrylic glaze***, magnet. Eco MaGs ”Tea Bag Tags” by mayah(c)2019 Left: ”Plant kindness and gather love-Proverb”, 4” x3”: cardboard backing; scrap paper; magazine image of flower; paint palette scrap (unbleached wax paper/acrylic paint); acrylic glaze; reused tea bag, tea, and tea bag tag; magnet backing. Right: ”One touch of nature makes the whole world kin--William Shakespeare”, 2” square mini canvas coated with reused tea ba ...   read more

Eco Art:Bubble Wrap Creations   25 mon  
I have this "thing" for bubble wrap, especially the color grey!
Eco Art ”Bubble Wrap Creature” by mayah(c)2019 7.5” x 9” framed Recycled bubble wrap, reused paint palette, seed beads, hand embroidery, recycled mailing envelope, thrift store frame. It was not intentional, but the seed beads in the middle resemble ”eyes” and the dark splotches at top left and right resemble ”ears” so in my imagination the paint palette image looks a bit like a bear. Bubble Wrap Greeting Cards by mayah(c)2019: All cards made from reused grey bubble wrap, paint palette (unbleached wax paper/acrylic paint) coated with non-VOC acrylic glaz ...   read more

Eco Art: Flower placards   25 mon  
It's been a month since I've posted anything, yet I have been busy making more Eco Art--a whole slew of recycled paint palette art. Finished the last one yesterday and will be working on something new in the coming months!
Eco Art Paint Palette flower placards by mayah(c)2019 top: 9” X 12” bottom: 7.5” x 9.5” Both made from reused paint palette (unbleached wax paper/acrylic paint), magazine catalog photos of flowers* coated with non-VOC acrylic glaze**, recycled cardboard, braided jute hanger with embroidery floss ties. Flowers are backed with Rhimax paper*** and ”stick out” from the cardboard backing for a bit of a 3-D effect. Eco Art by mayah utilizes recycled and earth-friendlier materials whenever possible. *Baker Creek Heirloom Seed company: https://www.rareseed ...   read more

Happy Rosh Hashanah!   26 mon  
This art piece was created over the two days of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanah 2019 began at sundown on Sunday September 29 and ended at sundown Tuesday October 1.
Eco Art ”Rosh Hashanah” by mayah(c)2019 10” X 12” framed Reused paint palette (acrylic paint on unbleached waxed paper), magazine flower images* reinforced with Rhimax**, dried flower petals, scrap paper background, thrift store frame. Coated with non-VOC acrylic glaze.*** Shana Tova! (May you have a good year) Rosh Hashanah marked the Jewish New Year. It also represents the birthday of the Earth. Happy Birthday, Gaia! Eco Art by mayah utilizes recycled and earth-friendlier materials whenever possible. *Baker Creek Heirloom Seed company: ...   read more

Fall Equinox 2019   27 mon  
It's Fall! Cooler weather is just around the bend! Eco Art by mayah(c)2019: Greeting card--Reused paint palette (acrylic paint on unbleached waxed paper) on art paper; hand embroidery   visit the page

EcoArt: Paint Palette Creations   27 mon  
Whenever I use acrylic paint for an art project, I mix it on golden-colored unbleached waxed paper. I usually reuse the waxed paper palette as a protective layer on my art table for gluing things, but if the left-over paint makes an interesting pattern or colorful splotches, it will be saved to reuse for future art projects.
Eco Art Rose Placard by mayah(c)2019 8.5” X 4” x .25” made from magazine image of roses reinforced with acrylic glaze on recycled paint palette (acrylic paint on waxed paper); hand embroidery. Styrofoam backing. Eco Art by mayah(c)2019 Pink Paint Palette Flowers: Approximately 8” x 9” Reused paint palette (acrylic paint on unbleached waxed paper); flower images from ”The Whole Seed Catalog/From Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds/2018”* reinforced with Rhimax paper** and coated with acrylic glaze***; large white flower from thrift store; white scrap paper background; thr ...   read more

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