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"Message Hidden"   17 y  
Might want to re-read my Hate Speech blog article... ”message hidden”, and all I said was ”Email me for my opinion because I can’t say anything here without being jumped on by hateful people.” And it wasn’t even a support forum! So much for trying to help. I guess they’ve taken the ”cure” out of Curezone. Hmmm... Perhaps the little voice that’s been telling me I’m finally done at CZ isn’t just the pizza I ate a few days ago. There’s an old song, ”Should I stay or should I go?”   visit the page

The Vultures are Circling   17 y  
What your leaders really think of you.
”You ants are forgetting your place. Ideas are very dangerous things. You are mindlness, soil-shoving losers, put on this earth to serve us.” -- Hopper, A Bug’s Life Read this article at WND. Did you notice something? Not only is it a typical example of political doubletalk, it reveals the true attitude of the government to the people. And don’t think this only happens in America. The fact is, power still corrupts. They are usually very careful to say one thing while doing another, but once in a while they slip up. Take this quote from Sigmund Freud for example, from a letter writte ...   read more

Pul-what??   17 y  
One of those Christianese words that we take for granted.
There it was again; the P word, throughout the article I was just reading. I’m so tired of seeing it everywhere, in every other sentence, the way the lost throw around curse words. I’m talking about the word Pulpit (frequently pronounced Pool Pit). What’s wrong with The Pulpit, you ask? Well if you’ve read any of my earlier rants you know about my great consternation over the state of the church today, and how it’s been patterned after ancient Greek and Roman society for most of its history. And in spite of the fact that the word itself is only found once even in the KJV (Nehemiah 8: ...   read more

Are You A Gymnast?   17 y  
You might be, if you do more than a surface reading of the Bible!
Some people think that if you go beyond taking the words of scripture as what a young child can understand, you are engaging in ”gymnastics” to get some other meaning from them. To be fair, there are people who twist like a pretzel to make the words mean what they don’t, but not all instances of ”digging deeper” must be attempts to twist scripture. So it’s important to define the difference between ”gymnastics” and legitimate exegesis, and we must apply this definition consistently. If you write a letter to a friend, you don’t write in a cultural and linguistic vacuum. There are many ...   read more

Where is the outrage??   17 y  
We are all prisoners. (may want to skip to about the 10 min. mark if pressed for time) The worst thing is, there isn’t anyplace left on earth where the tentacles of the globalist fascists don’t reach. This is pure evil, and all who live in denial of it are as guilty as the perpetrators. Even if some small place could be found for decent people to live, they’d have to be prepared to defend it against the whole world, because evil cannot ever be content with what it has. And this is precisely why Jesus had to die, and why he will return.   read more

Discernment   17 y  
In a world of deception, discernment is a survival skill.
There is something fundamentally wrong with the way people go about determining if something is true or not. Poor logic skills notwithstanding, they tend to be very inconsistent in this. For example, they blindly swallow the government and media conspiracy theory (obscure Arabs with poor piloting skills penetrated the strongest military air defense in the world), yet when evidence compells others to question this (see Smoking Guns ), these others are called ”conspiracy theorists”. But the nature of conspiracy is deception, so why do people think the truth should be so obvious that it co ...   read more

Will the Real Israel Please Stand Up?   17 y  
An interesting article on who exactly Israel is.   visit the page

Can You Hear Me Now?   17 y  
Many claim to want to ask questions of Christians or have a rational discussion, but that isn't really what they want at all.
Many of us can relate to a scenario like this: We say something about our beliefs, a "former Christian" comes along to "ask questions", we politely answer the first round, and the next thing we know we’re being pelted with rage and mockery. What went wrong? The answer is that dialogue or enlightenment was never their intention in the first place. The initial "questions" are bait, and we fall for it all the time. And if, being aware of this, we interrupt their plans by demanding to know their motives, they cry about being the victim of an inquisition. No matter ...   read more

Hate Speech   17 y  
Orwellian "Group Think" Is Here Now.
What is ”hate speech”? If you ask a thousand people, you’ll get a thousand different answers. But one common thread runs through them all: whatever Christians say is defined as hate speech. That really seems to be what it boils down to. Listen to people, watch the news, scan the net, and you’ll see endless accusations of hate speech against Christians-- sometimes even by other Christians. Specifically, in our post-modern world, any claim of absolute truth is considered hateful. You’re no longer entitled to have opinions either. Do you think illegal aliens should be called illegal and al ...   read more

iRack!   17 y  
As a Mac user and conspiracy theorist, I got a kick out of this Mad TV video :-)   visit the page

Resurrection   17 y  
The resurrection of Jesus the Christ from the dead was, both Biblically and historically, the most important event that ever took place.
I’ve already written about the technical proofs for this event having happened, but now I’d like to focus on its impact. Our modern calendar derives its starting point from this event. Sure, we now know it’s a few years off, and some have decided to use other terms to replace ”BC” (before Christ) and ”AD” (anno domini, Latin for ”the year of our Lord”), but no matter what they call it, it refers to the Resurrection. There are other calendars in use in various parts of the world, but no one can deny that the western one dominates. Yet this is in spite of the fact that the west has abandon ...   read more

the meltdown   17 y  
Just a note about the recent loss of posts.
Well, I’ve managed to recover many of the lost posts, but not all of them. Some of the replacement posts are now matched with comments for old posts that either no longer exist or moved to a different spot. So sometimes you’ll see comments that don’t match the post they appear with. If anyone has a copy of a post I didn’t recover and would like to see it re-posted, just let me know. But there’s nothing I can do about the mismatched comments, sorry.   visit the page

The Sacred Name Cult   17 y  
A few days ago I had never heard of the "sacred name" movement. I was searching for information on the Feast of Firstfruits as it may relate to Bible prophecy when I came across one of their sites. What is "Sacred Name"?
Basically, they insist that only the original spelling and pronounciation of the name of God and of Jesus is permitted. Nobody is allowed to say or spell those names in their own language, and all who reject this are lost. That’s right, they think salvation is not by faith alone but by having the right language. The first thing I noticed when I came across this cult was it’s ”evil twin” resemblance to the white-supremist ”Christian Identity Movement”, with its claims of rabbinical tampering of the text (which does have some validity concerning the Masoretic text according to some scholar ...   read more

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